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Tama bang maghintay sa’yo,
Habang kapiling mo s’ya.
Dahil hinanap ka pa din ng puso ko
Kahit alam ko kung saan ka naman pumupunta.

Tama bang ibigay ko sa’yo
Ang tiwalang mamahalin ako,
Kung iba naman ang binubulong
Sa likod ng damdamin na umaasa sa’yo?

Ang sabi mo mahal mo s’ya ngunit sa akin ka nakatingin.
Ang puso mo’y nasa palad n’ya ngunit ang pagtibok nito’y para sa akin.
Dadaanin ko na lang ba lahat ng ito sa awit
Habang ang araw ay lumulubog ng kasama mo s’ya?
Masama nga bang hilingin na sana maging akin ka
Ngunit masasaktan s’ya…

By: Yours Truly


Super Late New Year(s) Post!!

Last January 1, I greeted people from all over the world a “Happy New Year!”

And as part of my social-network life, I also greeted my buds at Datecraft’s Forum as well.

Of course, I received replies from them to saying their “Happy New Year” to me. However, I just noticed one thing…I noticed that there were letter “s” on their greetings. They said,


I can’t find the logic at first. It must have been a mistake. However, I received another greetings with that letter “s” again. (Click image)

Well, I ain’t  grammar savvy or an English teacher, but I find it weird to greet people a Happy New Year with “S”.


Click Click Click


DateCraft Anyone?

Ever been to a dating site?

I know some of you guys have, especially when Lady Gaga endorsed on her Telephone Video, I bet you pay a dating site a visit.

Well, me?

Yeah, I’ve been to some but I ended up dumping my account due to lack of interest. Maybe I simply don’t like to see or hear people selling their selves desperately just to meet someone for love or sex. Actually, I felt like I am doing the same, and never I wanted that feeling of becoming a girl addict that’s why I stopped looking for possible dates but instead I used the site to make friends. Yeah, really!

As you know, most of the topic in a dating site sometimes starts at “How are you know? How’s your pet dog?” or “Hey! What’s the size of your shoes?” And those lines freak my heart out.

As I’ve mentioned, one of my best interests in the world is gaming. And sometimes, I wished to Santa to give me a girlfriend who knows how to play all the games I play here in world wide web or on the consoles. Then, I realized maybe I need to Google “dating and gaming” at the same time to know what I’m looking for.

And there I found…

Click click click!