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Anti-Stress: Happylemon Teas

I was stressed in the past few weeks for finding a new job. I left my previous company because I needed to sustain and I couldn’t wait for them to recall me from being temporarily laid-off for almost a month. Aside from that, I have new plans like to travel to some places in Southeast Asia and to buy new stuff for our house – and I need money to fulfill those.

While I was looking for a job I hanged-out with my friends at Happylemon (SM Megamall Branch). I felt the need for thirst quenchers and to bond with flavoured teas because, as I’ve said, I was really stressed.

Thankfully, our Happylemon day was really a soothing experience, enough for me to say that their featured teas were worth paying for. It was, actually, my first time to taste the most natural blueberry flavoured milk tea in my life, and when you say natural blueberry flavour, that means it was really and awesomely sour.

Tea prices are affordable and really worth it, and that lessen my stress too. If you experience it, you would really say that you have to come back to the store. You have to try it if you haven’t visited the shop.



Interlude: Refreshing Coconut Water

Replenished! After the whole midnight jogging, I am now so replenished. This coconut water slash sports drink my friend gave me has given so much energy.

At first, I thought it was one of the Chinese products but I found out its imported from the US of A. When I found that out, I asked for another one so I could bring it home and have my Mom taste it.

Well, right now, my taste bud is still craving for more coconut water.  I ain’t sure if this product called O.N.E is all ready available at the 7-11 convenience store near here. I guess I’ll just buy the real and fresh one from the coconut vendor a few hours from now.

Moi can’t wait to see the sunlight.