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Holiday with Family

I just spent a great holiday with my family and as expected it was fun yet very missing. I haven’t done this before — treat them to an amusement park — so it’s kinda new experience for us. You know, every time we decide to have time with each other, our choice were always food and malls, so we tried to put more fun and excitement to this rare time with my family, that’s why I brought them all to Star City Amusement Park in Manila.

Ejomlexus Holiday (6)

Ejomlexus Holiday (14)

Ticket prices are very reasonable. Ride-all-you-can tickets cost Php400.00 only, you just have to add a few bucks if you wish to visit the Snow World or experience the new attractions like the Lazer Blaster, 4D Theater Max Rider and Z-Planet. But to tell you what, the ride-all-you-can ticket was already enough to enjoy the park (includes the new heart-stopping rides like the star flyer and star Frisbee  and the horror houses) and the once in a day ballerina show at the Aliw Theater. Of course, make sure you go there right at the opening time just to anticipate the long queue for each rides. Going there beyond 5 o’clock PM will get you stuck with more people.

Ejomlexus Holiday (9)

(at the back was the Star Frisbee ride, one of the newest attractions. )

Ejomlexus Holiday (7)

Ejomlexus Holiday (18)

(Us on Star Flyer — a very cool ride. You’ll swear you got to ride this more than once.)

Ejomlexus Holiday (12)

(Star City has a giant Ferris Wheel also… view from the top is amazing!)

Ejomlexus Holiday (10)

(Ballet Manila in their Christmas Presentation Kutitap)

Ejomlexus Holiday (13)

Ejomlexus Holiday (8)

Actually, we were stuck with the bunch of people, perhaps it was because of the holiday. Even the food stores there had long queue of people which made us super hungry. So after watching the beautiful ballerina show, we went out of the park (even if we don’t want to) and took a cab to the seaside along Macapagal highway.

Seaside in Macapagal is a place where people can find a bunch restaurant. Fresh food are there. Just pay the food (seafood, beef, pork, chicken and veggies) per kilo that you wish plus the cooking fees, the food is ready after a few minute. Barkers are on the streets so you can ask them about their menus, if they have service charge, if they can cook the dishes you want or do they have videoke/function room — don’t hesitate to ask.

Ejomlexus Holiday (15)

Ejomlexus Holiday (1)

Ejomlexus Holiday (11)

Ejomlexus Holiday (19)

(Here’s my Dad, showing what he’s won in the shooting game while waiting for the food.)

Ejomlexus Holiday (2)

Ejomlexus Holiday (16)

(We ordered Sinigang na Hipon sa Sampaloc [above photo], grilled Squid with stuffings and Pinaputukang Tilapia)

We dine in at Igmaan. The best one cook restaurant I’ve experienced in Seaside so far. It didn’t take me more than Php2,000.00 to make my whole family super full.

After that, we had a long walk all the way to SM Mall of Asia (MOA) seaside. We thought it was just near because we can see the big globe from Macapagal highway. I swear the road, though, so please take a cab. (Hehehe!)

Ejomlexus Holiday (3)

Ejomlexus Holiday (5)

Well, we went there to see  and ride the giant Ferris wheel. We weren’t able to get a chance though because — thank the long walk — it was already closing time and they’ve already served the last customer when we arrived. So, I ended up treating my family at Starbucks.

Ejomlexus Holiday (17)

We had fun talking at Starbucks. It’s been a long time since I had a wholesome talk with these people. There I discovered that it was just my Mom’s first time to watch a ballerina play, first time to be at Starbucks with us, complete, and first time to stay outside super late just to bond with us and talk. It melted our heart, of course. I just promised to her that we will do this kind of bonding again in the near future — I just have to renovate the house, then we will celebrate again at star city and seaside and MOA — or plan something else more.

Ejomlexus Holiday (4)

Anyway, I just wish that I could spend more time with my family this coming 2013. I’m very thankful that God is giving wonderful opportunities so I could give my family something that they deserve. I wish I could do more than this.

Happy New Year Everyone!



Relationship Flaws and How to Manage them?

I’m not in an expert shoe to give advices about relationship flaws, but I think my past and present relationship experiences – plus over-watching of Personalan and Face-to-Face episodes – make me eligible to discuss this topic.

For those aiming a long-term (or forevermore) relationship, relationship flaws may seem to be a forging experience for a couple. However, for those who are considering an ending to their current relationship, I believe these things are enumerated in a piece of paper of why they have to leave their partners. As general, people look at these instances as tough times. It causes tears, times and, sometimes, even lives. For my opinion, relationship flaws are something to look forward to when you’re getting into a relationship. It’s like the inevitable things that you need to expect all days of your life. It’s not because you have to think negatively, but it some sort of anticipation of what to happen or how you could prepare myself.  Hence, expect the unexpected.

To be honest, I’m one of those who look forward to “forevermore”. (Who never does anyway?) Although I could say that I’m very happy with my relationship these days, but there’s a part of me that I have to prepare with this flaws in order for me to stay aiming to my long-term plan.

What to expect? For me these two are the common things:


In my own relationship dictionary, jealousy has two definitions:  (1) it defines how much you don’t want to lose a person, and (2) it could also be defined as how much you trust your partner. People always get wrong understanding when it comes to this situation. They thought people could get rid of it easily but aren’t really. That’s why I always remember and I advise my friends that never listen to people who said that they’ve overcome this feeling. They are lying and they could only add burden in your situation. No one actually can get rid of this. The right people to talk to when it comes to asking for advise are the ones who say “I’ve learned to manage it”. How to manage it, though?

One of the things that triggers jealousy is the lost of importance. When it fades, there goes the comparison. When there’s comparison, there’s quarrel.

If you don’t want to hear your partner comparing because of jealousy, don’t make a reason to get your partner think of something suspicious. I would suggest that you always evaluate your actions, and try asking yourself “Am I doing all things fairly?” or “Am I still the same as before?” or as simply as “What have I done?”

For instance, if your intention is to be sweet to the people around you, be sweeter to the person whom you want to be with for the rest of your life. Don’t take you relationship for granted. It’s not always that you’re always together or talk to each other you have to forget the rest of story. Always make it to the point or try to get use to an attitude where you provide the needs of partner. Make sure you that whatever good thing you do to other people, you make it more special to your partner. Besides, that’s what relationship is all about: making your “only one” feels special.


Communication is really important to a relationship. We all know that. What I meant about dead communication is that when partners cut off their communication strings when they are already living together or (for long and not-too-long distance relationship) simply they are virtually offline.

In a relationship, always take the chances of communicating with your partner. It’s a common mistake that partners think they don’t have to talk about their lives anymore when they are together because it would trigger the “Getting Sick of it” factor, that’s not a valid reason.

Every time you feel something wrong, ask yourself again. What will you lose if you just send your partner a message and say “Hey, it’s my lunch break. If you’re hungry you go eat as well. <3” or “I just arrived at office” or “Hi! I’m just cleaning the house!” Truthfully, saying these build foundation in your communication, not only that, it builds trust as well. Actually, even the simplest messages like “Good morning, (name)” and “See you later, Honey” melts a lot of communication gap and even a building anger. For long distance relationship, try sending messages even you’re partner is offline. It makes people smile when they find your name blinking in their messenger or e-mail.

If you think your partner would not appreciate every message, text and calls you make, I would suggest that you think again. Sometimes, it’s not because your ‘only one’ ignores your messages, you don’t make him/her feel special. In fact, every time you call or text or message your partner, at the back of their mind, you make them feel comfortable and special, and later on you make him/her realize that your sweetness has never changed – and that’s part of building trust as well.

Also, never forget to talk about things in nice way, especially if you’re dealing with a problem. Tough situation are not to be settled with tough conversation. Learn how to calm yourself even if the other line is burning with words. The more you’re relaxed the more you understood the situation and come up with better solution.

Above all, get rid of negative things and always look at the brighter side of your situations.

(Photo from:

PNR Experience

I went back to Tondo to get some important documents and spent 2 days there just to bond again with my sibs and parents. I needed also talk to them about my plans since I’m partially moving on now to a new company after there was an incident happened to the old one. Good thing, my Dad was very organized with our stuffs and I found my docs all together in a folder, therefore, I didn’t have any troubles in finding them.

And on Friday morning, schedule of my medical examination, I went to Makati via Philippine National Railways (PNR) with my little sister. She works in a bank in Makati, so we just went to the city together. The first train station was just located in Tutuban Mall, a jeep ride away from where we live and a couple of blocks from where my Mom and Dad do aerobics. But since we came in too early, we dropped by to Mom and Dad first and watch them.



So there they are…


After a few minutes, we went to the entrance of the train station and paid the ticket. Surprisingly, it was 8 pesos only. Not expensive compare to the Taft Ave. route going to Makati, which will cost you a total of 31 pesos (that’s via jeep and LRT). Plus, queue was not that hassle, therefore, it’s guaranteed that you’ll have a seat to the fact that it was already rush hour. I took some pics with my sis while inside the train and while waiting for the other pasengers to fill the vacant seats. It departed at exactly 7am as scheduled.




Surprisingly again, it only took us 30 minutes to get to Sen. Gil Puyat Ave. Not totally bad. I just wished I discovered this route when I was still going home in Tondo, because I used to spend 1 hour and 30 minutes on road to get from home to the office every rush hour. Hehehe! Anyways, so far I had fun with the experience with PNR. You should try it sometimes when you drop by in Manila.


Most Memorable Things Happened To Me This Year

Before the year ends, Kiddies, I wrote something that would remind me how colourful my 2011 is. This is in random order and I just picked up the things that I really remember. Hope you enjoy my timeline.

#1 – I met Andrei last January. I remember the way how he took my number at the office; then went through a week of courting until I immediately fell in love. I actually promised myself never to fall in love but I guess this is really meant to happen. Right now, I’m enjoying every moment with him.

#2 – This year I went radical when it comes to my haircut. I experienced wearing Mohawk hair style with some new cuts on top of my ears. Many liked it, but some people really preferred my old style. I also put a small cut on my eyebrows recently, this December.

#3 – I went to Baguio City on Valentine’s Day with the whole call centre gang of our company. It was my first time there and I really had a great time although I didn’t have enough money. I was also with Andrei that time.

#4 – Cool-off March! I really hated March because that’s when I found out that Andrei was doing something fishy, which leads my bipolar disorder and depression to extreme. I started losing weight again during this month until I found an awesome solution last June.

#5 – Once again, last March, I left my family in Tondo, and live with Andrei in Antipolo. That’s a few days before #4 happened. Hahaha! This when I got used to long travel and heavy traffic hours.

#6 – Tablet. Well, I don’t have this crazy gadget yet. I remember planning and having money to buy this but many things happened that hindered me to buy one, like tuition fees, hospitalization, school project, and the no 13th month Christmas. I just hope that 2012 is the year for me to buy this.

#7 – After my anniversary for being a supervisor, the company transferred me to the Affiliate Marketing team. I love this team, especial I went back working with Chris again. I just hate our morning shift schedule, because as you know I love working at night – less traffic, less hassle.

#8 – After a long time, I finally celebrated my birthday! It happened at Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna. I was with Andrei, Warner and Vermisse. It was a great experience due to the fabulous fireworks display and breath-taking rides.

#9 – I became an advocate of the Reproductive Health Bill, and I went busy debating about this controversial topic on twitter. I met a lot of people here, especially during our activity at Batasang Pambansa (House of the Representatives). I hope this would pass this 2012.

#10 – Lastly, the dramatic “come back”. After several months, I finally see my whole family again. Although I’m no longer planning to go back home in Tondo, I miss the fun and the challenges inside our tiny home. It’s my first time to see them missing me after all the fact when they discovered that I’m bisexual and currently have a relationship with Andrei. This is the most memorable event for me. Haha!


My 2011 Christmas

Moving on, I really had a blast this Christmas even though my 13th month pay is still damn delayed. My family and I were okay now after they’ve discovered that I have a relationship with Andrei. In fact, after several months, I went home and Christmas became our mini family reunion. This made everyone, including my grandmother, happy after all.

Take a look at these pictures:


This is the whole gang with our wacky pictures. Haha~! I miss taking pictures with my family, and this is what I really do.

We exchange gift, of course. And thankfully, they were happy on the gifts I’ve got for them. As for me, I’ve got a new tumbler – perfect for my collection – and a couple of room decor with inspirational messages; I gave the other one to Andrei.

Many good things happened. I was a able to buy some of my new friends their gift, I had party with my fellow at i-Tech Vertical Horizon, and also I enjoyed Christmas shopping even though I had been slashing everything in my savings account.

This year’s Christmas was totally fun.

Life In The Morning Sh*t…err…Shift

It’s still too early in the morning when I write this post.

I could not sleep because my body clock is designed to wake myself up and sustain every night. Although, I’ve been in the morning shift for more than 2 months now, I’m still unable to change my natural wake-up-alarm for unknown reason.

Well, everyone say, “You’re lucky because you get to sleep at night.”

I say, “Who said I’m getting 7-8 hours of sleep at night?” In fact, I can complete my sleep in the morning, when everyone else in the Philippines is working. Yeah, I’m like a vampire who’s afraid of the sunlight.

To convince you that it’s not healthy for me, physically and emotionally, to be in the usual hours of work, let’s calculate everything…

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Friday Sickness Plus The Lazy Song

Good morning, world! ~

I felt a lil bit bad today and don’t fee like working because of the disappointments yesterday. I was with my mom over the phone last night, talking about the expenses at home. I blamed the world again because it’s all me “again” who needs to deal with all the stuff – and everyone knows how BS is that to shoulder big expenses at home without a help from anyone.

To tell you what, the current home expenses I’m talking about would eat 90% of my salary, leaving just my food allowance for the next payroll cut-off. Thus, that kills my plans for this week.

Unfortunately, I really have to face this alone because my younger brother has no source of income during summer. You know, no school days, no salary for the teachers. And my lil sister is just on her way to find a decent job. I hope she could find a better job so she could start helping me deal with the household stuff even though I don’t live there anymore.

But yeah, as I’ve said, I have to deal with this myself… probably, just for now. *breathe-in, breathe-out*

And since, I feel so lazy to face the world today, here’s the song that fits my mood…I guess.

Well, it’s a feel good music from Bruno Mars for all those lazy people, like me, out there.

See you around, Kiddies!