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Are the Filipinos ready for Google Glass?

In the anime series Dragon Ball Z, we saw saiyans, or Frieza and his forces, used an eye radar as a monitor to detect the nearest dragon ball, know the status of their pods, calculate a distance to distance and measure the strength of their enemies. The only one that makes it “boom” is the aura of the super saiyan, Gouku. If I were to guess, I would think that Google Glass creator/inventor got the inspiration here. It makes sense that, in my own opinion, for people with active lifestyle Google Glass can be really helpful in their busy activities and businesses. Without holding on a phone, notepad, tablet or any devices that support their multitasking abilities, they can work on things all at the same time.

Google Glass was actually released via invite. Meaning, few people was able to get hold of it to test its functionality before it is mass released. It’s currently, undergoing many software update to make sure that every user will find it the new era of mobile gadget. But what could be the impact of this to the Filipino?

Ejomlexus Google Glass Ejomlexus Google Glass 1

Well, if you travel from time to time via car, motorbike, bicycle (or kalesa), then good job, because this can be perfect for you. GPS is one of the things being developed in this device. It already ran many update for this functionality to make sure that it’ll truly guide you to the correct path you’re going to. It can also give you update about the “what’s ups?” in a certain location – like identify the common attraction or events by showing you popular photos of that particular place.

If you’re a person who loves to be updated, then it’s also right for you since it can do stuffs like searching in Google, play music and video and find news. All this via voice command – just like Siri and S Voice. It also screen of what you see and what you see from the glass. Well, no selfies here, except if you’re looking into a mirror.

I don’t how it will be distracting, but for sure there will be some factors that may affect your safety, most especially when you’re on-the-road. One of things I’m sure of here, it’ll catch the attention of many people. In fact, I can now imagine secretaries and bosses wearing this. And then in the future, even people from public relations and communications. But one of the businesses that should prepare for this gadget is no other than the Philippine cinema. They should be aware of this as well, since some people might use this for film piracy. No one could tell.

Other than that and to be honest, between the Smartwatches and this device, I think people would still choose the Smartwatches since it’s very flashy and, so far, have more functionality than Google glass. But I’d love to have one it the future. In spite that I ain’t fan of sport-type eye wear, I would still wear one of this if it’s launched here in the Philippines.

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Why Localization/Internationalization is different from Translation?


Plenty of people and businesses have felt the difference between the two ever since online businesses try to be known worldwide. Better understanding on this topic has a big impact not only to gain a specific target number of users or clients, but also on having new users felt their importance by knowing their specific needs when it comes to their languages.

Many have discovered that FREE online translation services (like Google Translate, Babelfish, etc.) are not totally reliable since it’s machine generated, and that translation work are considered still meant for human beings. Online translation could be reliable though only when looking for some synonyms or antonyms, especially when you’re trying to figure-it-out a context of an specific word for a specific sentence; or, when you’re trying to generate non-English characters. It’s helpful but translators should know the limitations when using these.

Many have mistakenly thought that getting the something translated is just as simple as knowing your second language. They are wrong, though.

Language usage

As you know language evolve depending on the country or people who are using it. There are ways other countries say or write it versus the way the native country use it. For example, let’s say we use one of most admired languages in the world, French. More or less 29 countries use it as their official language, exceptionally France (where it all begun) and Canada (Quebec region) are among the basis of translation.

According to some articles and most translators I’ve spoken with, there’s a notable difference in grammar usage that caught the attention of France during the 1990’s, particularly when dealing with words in feminine form. Add to that difference between the informal and formal. Like when we say the word “now”, France say it as maintenant but in Quebec they say it as astheure. 

That’s where localization comes in.

Language Localization/Internationalization

Localization and Internationalization target the proper usage of a certain language of a certain target audience. It was not just simple translation, but an intensive one, because the translators need to neutralize the language depending on the country it targets.

How to search a translator?

If you are wondering how to choose translators, it’s easy.

In my personal opinion, I’d always prefer someone who studies the different usage of the language; otherwise, I would choose someone native but has an excellent background in grammar and vocabulary. You can set their expectations about your target audience and how would like them to translate it.

Make sure you hire at least not lower than 2 translators with equal expertise, so they can proofread, discuss and edit each other’s works.



Top Women On The World Wide Web…Lolz

This month, FHM- Philippines has already announced their 100 sexiest women. I don’t know the criteria they used but it seems that some fat ladies were still able to get into the top notch even though their cellulites and fatty-bellies were flaunting in everywhere in the FHM stage.

On the other hand, Rihanna has kicked out Lady Gaga from her “Most Liked Female Artist” throne on facebook by hitting, I don’t know exactly, more than 300,000 likes apart from each other. In my opinion, perhaps the S&M made this victory for Rihanna.

Anyway, speaking of the top women, I just received a cool text message from my friend about the most popular women being searched in the world wide web (based on the results from Google). And according to my friend’s text instructions, you’ll find out the result when you search the word “top 50 most popular woman in the web” on Google search engine, and click the first result, then check who at number 7.

So, I gave it try and here’s what I found out!

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Swim, Kayak & Jet-Ski Across The Pacific Ocean

I think I smell a goof-ass inside Google’s company. Well, it’s because of the funny map directions that I posted yesterday – Yeah the “I don’t want to travel from China to Taiwan.”

The term “Swim Across the Pacific Ocean” doesn’t just apply to China to Taiwan. In fact, we saw more of these when my friends and I started searching travel instructions on Google Maps from China to other country destination.

Here is what we found: (click the images for full-view)

ChinatoAustralia:  Step 61

Chinato US:


I tried searching to Google Maps the directions to other destinations like from Philippines to Taiwan or Singapore to Brunei or India to Sri Lanka and even from Ireland to UK, everything seems to be fine. But from China to other destination – that will pass through the Pacific Ocean– someone I guess is making it hilarious. I mean, who in the hell will instruct people to Kayak or Jet Ski across the Pacific Ocean? Only a person who has crazy bone can do that.

Well, I can’t do anything to change it. For me, I found it funny and it gets my behind laughing out loud. You guys you should try it too! If you found anything funnier that these, just let me know.


I don’t Want To Go From China To Taiwan! Why?

Everybody wants to travel, right?

Of course, I would say yes. But, personally, before I head towards my destination, I check first the things I need to bring: the money for the travel, clothes, food and if I never been to my destination I browse the place’s map and try to remember some landmarks, so in case I get lost I know where to go and ask for help.

But here’s my real question: what if there’s something wrong with the map? Will you be still willing to go or you’ll go ahead and will just trust your instinct?

Well, I ask that because I encountered one crazy map instruction from Google Maps.

The destination? China to Taiwan.

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Google’s Special Treatment For The Third-Gender???

Have you guys tried searching the word “gay,” “lesbian,” “transgendered,” and “bisexual” in Google?

No! I ain’t teaching to check on the porn sites or I ain’t being Lady Gaga here. I’m just wondering if you noticed something different on searching those keywords.

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