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Granado Espada: I’m Back! (Wait! What to press again?)


A couple of weeks ago, I was also back in my beloved game Granado Espada. And it was a dream come true because as some of you know I love this game more than World of Warcraft, cucumber on ice and any hot cow burgers in the world, and this is where I found true love in a MMORPG. Although I’ve been busy with a million and one things in my daily life, I could feel that I’ll be hooked again in this game. Thank you to my brand new laptop that can accommodate such high definition game and I’ll be rocking again world, err, I forgot what it is called; so no more dead air during weekends and free time. But anyways, many things have changed and been added in-game. There are the settings, notifications and, well, there so many of them I don’t what the game call it. I think it will take time for me to know more about it again. I just feel great because on my first day of the come back I quickly learned some few in-game new stuffs. First thing, I recognize is already a reward system where they give away extra experience points every time you come back in-game. And add to that the freebies when you answer surveys. With that, I recently got 3 pair of wings (expires in 15 days) for free, some free costumes (with expiration that I don’t remember how long) and the usual buff items.

The funny thing about the come back, though, is that I don’t know the game controls anymore. I was like a reborn kid looking for tutorials just to get my memories of the good old days back in the stitches of my cerebral capacity. It is actually the same feeling like I know everything but I just forgot everything about it (huh?) — in other words, amnesia. But I think I will get there and will welcome a couple of eye bags soon because I’m really, really going to re-study everything.


I also missed my Viki (Count Francis) a lot deeper, especially our summoning and the puny enemy-squashing sessions, which I did right after I chew and digest the nostalgic control navigation self-refresher course. I remember each giants I want to use every time there are mobs, and while writing this I wanted to visit the forgotten territories for more mobs to kill. I noticed that there are new “Stance” which features new summons. I just need to level up in order for me to start the quest to get it. But before that, I remembered how I needed to farm more summoning items in some selected areas of the world so I can enjoy the forgotten territories. Hopefully, I won’t messed up with the other game items, in which I’m still trying to relearn their use from scratch.

On the other hand, my unfinished quests are quite hard to track back in spite of the feature that tells me what to do next. I guess I will leave some in an incubator and just let time flies until I’m all ready to complete it. I think it will never be too late to finish those.
The only thing that’s not back in-game is the noisy chatroom. It’s full of cobwebs just right at this point. Most of them are not longer active, although I see some of the fellas on Facebook. I guess I have to show them that I’m playing and blogging again, so they’d get motivated to come back as well.
Anyways, stay tune for more updates about the my life in and outside the game. I wish you keep reading this blog full of random things in my head.
See yah!