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How’s your Smartphone Battery?

Smartphone users are all dealing with the same problem everyday: Battery life. Sometimes, I always wish there were AC outlets or usb ports everywhere so I can charge my phone right away, when I need it.

I experience this everyday of my life, even when I sleep. I never turn-off my 3G since I have always to be online for my job and whenever I’m downloading. I sometimes sleep with 90% of battery and wake up with 30% — and sometimes, even lower than that, otherwise it’s dead. I needed to recharge my phone as I take a bath going before I go to the office or somewhere else.

Because of that experience I thought of collecting the best tips I found in the world wide web on how to get your battery always “on”, which is I’m trying to implement now in my daily activities with my phone. Fortunately, there are plenty of them, so let’s start with…

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BBM on iPhone and Android Phones

The long wait is finally over for iPhone and Android phone users because BBM is finally available in iTunes, Google play and Samsung store. (Yey!)

BBM Ejomlexus (1)

Truthfully, mixed emotions is what I felt on this release — I’m happy because I will now get to experience BBM since I haven’t touched a Blackberry smartphone before, and sad because, well, we know the falling story of Blackberry and that’s why they ended up making their supposedly exclusive app available to every mobile phones. And despite of the trending release of other messaging apps (i.e. Line, Kakao Talk, Viber and Wechat), BBM reportedly have been download 5 million times in just 8 hours, enough to say that many have really waited for this.


BBM Ejomlexus (2) BBM Ejomlexus (3) BBM Ejomlexus (4)

As first time user of BBM, I needed to line-up on a queue of an unknown number, I’ve submitted my email for registration, and I was able to “Create a Blackberry ID” and got my very own BBM Pin after a couple of days.

BBM Ejomlexus (6)

For those, who have BBM already, no longer have to wait that long. Just hit the “Sign In” button and you’re up.

(By the way, that’s my BBM PIN — add me)


It’s faster versus the messaging apps I’ve mentioned. I think it’s because it requires few 3G MB to run.


For the first time user like me, few things I’ve discovered:

1. Ping – just like YM, it has Buzz to alert your chatmates if you’re online or just want to caught their attention. It alerts you with the usual BBM or assigned tone; not with a loud awkward buzzer.

BBM Ejomlexus (8)

2. Light (LED) indicator – choose colours that will differentiate your BBM alert to the rest of your message app. The colours are white, yellow, green, cyan, blue and purple; or none. For me, I chose white since none of my app is using that colour.

3. Tabs – 2 purposes. #1 to check if your active chats, groups, invites or updates on the activity, and #2 to configure the settings and access help.

BBM Ejomlexus (9) BBM Ejomlexus (10)

4. Ads – so far, so good. I ain’t seeing any ads at the moment since week 1. But for sure there’s a reason behind with all these release. Later on we will find out.

5. R, D and check – You’ll be able to see this while chatting. It normally stands for Read, Delivered and Sent. These identify whether your message has reached the receiver.

BBM Ejomlexus (7)

6. Emoticon – What messaging can stand without this feature? None, of course. But these are none moving ones, just enough to say what you feel in a fraction of a symbol.

BBM Ejomlexus (11)

7. Group chat – I don’t know the number of volume of people you can invite to join a group conversation, but as far as I know it can accommodate as many as you want.

8.  Attach – You can attach a note and picture and send it via chat.

9. Status – You are also allowed to share what your currently feeling in this feature. You can tell people if you’re busy or not really. You can, by the way,  tell people your activities.

BBM Ejomlexus (13)

10. Invite – You may choose among Barcode Scan, PIN, Email, SMS and NFC to invite people to add you or join you on BBM.

11. Profile Picture – Aside from your status, you can also set your favorite picture as your DP.

BBM Ejomlexus (12)


Well, it is a great app so far – a must-try. I invited some of my friends to try it as well, so we can experience how fast it is compare to other messaging app.

I just hope for the best for the Blackberry about this. That’s it!


On my way to getting a New Smartphone

Like other people, if I found the phone of my dreams I never stop checking the official site, different carriers’ sites, youtube for reviews, and to see the dogfight and 30-day challenge of the device. I see to it that I knew everything about my dream smartphone before it land falls onto my hands, because I want to maximize all features to my daily activities like gaming, writing, reading, taking selfies, browsing, watching movies and listening to FM and MP3’s. Never I had a phone which made me look like dumb not knowing what’s stored in the box.

Running in my head are 4 phones: iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy Mega, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy Note 3.  Leading: Samsung Galaxy Note 3.

I don’t know why I considered iPhone 5S on my list, perhaps the gold color captured my eyes that are attracted to sophistication plus it’s running the latest iOS7, which, they say, never far from the Android interface. If you’re also a fan of “Forensic Science”, it’s a good catch because it has finger print recognition feature. It’s expected to be out in the Philippine Market on December. While Samsung Galaxy Mega is very huge — enough for my gigantic hands, though — with the screen size of 6.3 inches, it’s very useful for my four-eyed face. Yeah, I love big screen nowadays. It’s empowered to capture LTE signal, Dual-core and Qualcomm Snapdragon 400. Meanwhile, Samsung Galaxy S4 has been lingering in my thoughts due to it’s awesome speed, features and light-weight design. The only thing that place it in my second choice is that it looks very similar to my current smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S3. But its air gesture, dual camera functionality and other “life companion” features, that make it simpler than the Galaxy note 3, make it a better choice. On the other hand, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, takes the tech-nerd-sh*t out me because of its newly added stylus features and enhanced capacity (See features here) plus it’s running Android 4.3. While other gadgets have already been released in the Philippine market, Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is expected to arrive in stores on September 25th, so I still have few days to mourn for my savings before it goes bye-bye.

I don’t like to consider iPhone 5c since I’ve already had an encounter with Iphone 5. Aside from the new featured colors and the cheaper material that it’s made of, everything is just the same — don’t get fooled.  HTC One? Well, it was a great phone as well, however, its features are quite mediocre for me compare to the smartphones in my list.

But even though Samsung Galaxy Note 3 got the weight among all my choices, my mind might still change and switch to what I think is the best.

What about you? What smartphone you’re eyeing these days?


Choosing a Network for Data Plan Here in the Philippines?

Ever since I’ve got my very first prepaid cellphone (a large Nokia with a very large battery — which I forgot the unit name) I was very observant when it comes to the signal of the network I chose. I was able to compare it because Papa, Mama and I were using different networks. Papa was Smart, then Mama and I were Globe, and sometimes we switch. I was able to experience also having both sim card at the same time when Nokia 3310i came — Papa bought a special cover with two sim card slots and you just have to press the keys *3370# (if I’m not mistaken) to switch sim cards and restart the phone. I’ve also experienced being a customer of Sun cellular when I started dating people, because it’s cheaper and it’s the first network who introduces the unlimited calls and half-cost per text charging for prepaid. The longest running sim card I had — which I still have today on my generic Samsung phone — is Globe.

Right now, I’m connected with both Globe and Smart through data plans. And to give you a quick review here’s some points that might help you decide to choose.

But first, before I start, I just wanna make it clear that I’m talking about plans here, particularly data plan. Not the prepaid a$$es who eat a lot of load because of mobile internet. These are based on experience, usage and location.

Okay. Here we go!


If you are earning above the minimum wage rate, you are closer to getting a plan from a network, but application and approval maybe tough if you’re trying to get plans worth Php1500 and up. If you are one of the lucky ones, however, getting this is easy, except if you’re under a BPO type of industry.

Unfortunately, I’m one of the BPO dudes. With all the requirements, certification and all the means I have in the world to prove that I’m capable of paying my bills, Globe required me to have a credit card. And since I don’t have credit cards and they want to get more clients, luckily, I still got approved. It took them two weeks though to process my application. While with Smart, I applied with the same requirement and tomorrow after they called me to claim the phone.

When it comes to customer service, Smart gets an outstanding points and Globe still suck with that. I hated smart, but I guess they have different ways on treating prepaid and post-paid customers. I kind of love their promptness in their answers. I will give kudos to Globe though because when I called them about the additional features for their plan, they gave what I supposed to have for the month.

And speaking of plus, Globe has it all – free texts, calls and overseas. Smart is just solid when it comes with the number of free text and calls — they know their roles on giving these things inclusives on time — I just wished they have more promos.


Due to the few free calls and text inclusives of Smart Telecommunications, I tend not to use it often for regular calls and texts. But who the hell cares, by the way, when you have data plan which allows you to access free VOIP like Skype, Viber and not to mention Chikka. But you need to have enough data credits to use these common applications.

And speaking of Data, Smart has 1.5 GB limit per monthly cut-off, while Globe has around 700-800 MB. When you consume all these data, either via browsing, streaming and downloading, your internet speed will go down to unbelievable and head-popping less than 300 kbps. Thanks to the fair usage that implemented this kind of thing for broadband and data plan users. But Globe’s limit is low, they should increase more than that since people download lot’s of stuff these days.


Well, what I am referring to hear is the internet speed of the data plan based location. I usually go around Manila, Makati, Pasig, Mandaluyong and Antipolo. And I would give the crown to Smart for providing me speed that sometimes breaks the limit of my expectation. Globe is giving around 1-2 mbps  on the said locations while Smart gives 3-5 mbps in average. And since I need to check emails all the time and stay tune for concerns via chat, and also to stay online with my friends on my social networking account, I need faster internet for better response.

All-in-all, I could still say that this guys are doing a great fight. Although Smart is better for me when it comes to data plan, Globe won’t go home with teary-eyes because I love their free stuff a lot better than Smart.

Juan At Your Service: Really Soon

It’s almost October 10, the launching day of my friend’s website – – where you can find lots of high quality and unique designs of mobile phone accessories, protective cases and many more. That’s why I’m pretty much excited to give you guys the full review of all the products and services that they offer.

Just like I’ve mentioned on my previous blog, if you need cellphone cases, covers, USB & Bluetooth connectors, this is the finest and safest place online to shop for it. Either it’s for your Samsung Galaxy SIII or your iPhone, they have it here.


If you’re also worry about the accessories you need to wear during a date or a meeting, no need to search for another store because, now, they are offering the hippest and elegant fashion accessories that will give you glam-look at a very reasonable price.

Juan At Your Service also sells high quality beauty products, perfect just for you!

If you like to learn more about the Juan At Your Service, you can login to your facebook account and check out


Juan At Your Service

IPhone 5 has already been released in the world market, but I still don’t see any large networks here in the Philippines offer subscription plans for the much awaiting phone. I’m pretty much excited because I’m planning to grab my very first iPhone product in the future, and while waiting I search for sites that sell iPhone accessories.

Anyways, speaking of mobile phones, are you looking for an online store that offers a wide array of exquisite, elegant and adorable designs of iPhone accessories?

Well, coming soon in my blog is a store that you’ll definitely love, not just for iPhone stuff, but also for a large selection of unique products and amazing services. It is ‘Juan At Your Service!’

Juan At Your Service is a new yet a very trusted site that sells mobile phone-related products such as fashionable and protective cases, affordable and high quality gadget accessories, SD cards, Bluetooth connectors, and more.

Not only that, they also offer unique ideas and services for parties and events; in-demand styles of fashion wear for men and women; and photography services.

I invite you all to visit on October 10, 2012 and see more products that will bring your online shopping experience to a new edge.


I Hate Afternoon Shift Plus New Phone in the Near Future!

Working in the afternoon shift sucks! I can’t go to the mall, I can’t go out at night and, I can’t go to any freaking kind of life.

I just stay at home after work, go bonding time with my blog and play with my character at Flyff. Then, on the next day, everything is the same. All I need to do is to roll the dice so I could decide which is which I have to do first.

Anyhoo,  I was recently writing something in my plan book and I was asking myself what I should buy for myself when my sick leave conversion comes. I was choosing between an iPhone or something Android.

Well, I miss the touch screen thingie, and, I hated now the QWERTY stuff since my recent phone doesn’t have too much of the exciting features (and my friend told me that Blackberry sucks).

If not iPhone 4G, I think I’m going to grab this cool phone from LG.

Check this review from phonescoop on you tube.

Yeah! I want to use a 3G enabled phone plus in future, install Plants versus Zombies there.

See yeah kiddies!