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The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee

Milk and Coffee Adventures

This is actually a dream come true!

Last July, I opened a new domain on wordpress to give space to my much awaiting comics, which is The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk and Coffee. It’s a bunch of Filipino (Tagalog) comic strips that focuses on the friendship of the characters Milk and Coffee and friends.

The story line came out of no where, when I kept on wearing my weird shades and I started drawing my mini me. That’s explain why ‘Coffee’ had this bug-eye/heart-shaped shades. While the other characters are based on people I encounter and some friends.

The comics is in Tagalog, so sorry for the English-speaking fellas who are following me. It’s actually a risk because I don’t have an idea how it will go since I’m never familiar with the local SEO and how the new site’s Google ranking will climb up. Plus the fact that it’ll be composed of mostly images, I think it will be a great challenge for me.

But anyway, to my Filipino friends here, please support The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk and Coffee. I’d appreciate it if you will follow and like our posts both on blogs and Facebook.

Just kindly go to these link and hit like:

Milk and Coffee Adventures – Twitter

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Milk and Coffee Adventures -Website

Thank you so much!

This blog will never close, by the way. I have plenty of poems to share to you, so please, please stay tuned!


Granado Espada: I’m Back! (Wait! What to press again?)


A couple of weeks ago, I was also back in my beloved game Granado Espada. And it was a dream come true because as some of you know I love this game more than World of Warcraft, cucumber on ice and any hot cow burgers in the world, and this is where I found true love in a MMORPG. Although I’ve been busy with a million and one things in my daily life, I could feel that I’ll be hooked again in this game. Thank you to my brand new laptop that can accommodate such high definition game and I’ll be rocking again world, err, I forgot what it is called; so no more dead air during weekends and free time. But anyways, many things have changed and been added in-game. There are the settings, notifications and, well, there so many of them I don’t what the game call it. I think it will take time for me to know more about it again. I just feel great because on my first day of the come back I quickly learned some few in-game new stuffs. First thing, I recognize is already a reward system where they give away extra experience points every time you come back in-game. And add to that the freebies when you answer surveys. With that, I recently got 3 pair of wings (expires in 15 days) for free, some free costumes (with expiration that I don’t remember how long) and the usual buff items.

The funny thing about the come back, though, is that I don’t know the game controls anymore. I was like a reborn kid looking for tutorials just to get my memories of the good old days back in the stitches of my cerebral capacity. It is actually the same feeling like I know everything but I just forgot everything about it (huh?) — in other words, amnesia. But I think I will get there and will welcome a couple of eye bags soon because I’m really, really going to re-study everything.


I also missed my Viki (Count Francis) a lot deeper, especially our summoning and the puny enemy-squashing sessions, which I did right after I chew and digest the nostalgic control navigation self-refresher course. I remember each giants I want to use every time there are mobs, and while writing this I wanted to visit the forgotten territories for more mobs to kill. I noticed that there are new “Stance” which features new summons. I just need to level up in order for me to start the quest to get it. But before that, I remembered how I needed to farm more summoning items in some selected areas of the world so I can enjoy the forgotten territories. Hopefully, I won’t messed up with the other game items, in which I’m still trying to relearn their use from scratch.

On the other hand, my unfinished quests are quite hard to track back in spite of the feature that tells me what to do next. I guess I will leave some in an incubator and just let time flies until I’m all ready to complete it. I think it will never be too late to finish those.
The only thing that’s not back in-game is the noisy chatroom. It’s full of cobwebs just right at this point. Most of them are not longer active, although I see some of the fellas on Facebook. I guess I have to show them that I’m playing and blogging again, so they’d get motivated to come back as well.
Anyways, stay tune for more updates about the my life in and outside the game. I wish you keep reading this blog full of random things in my head.
See yah!


Sims on Google play

Count me in to the number of gamers who got addicted to the fun world of Sims. I enjoyed the game a lot especially when it was released in Nintendo DS. I just stopped playing Sims when I became a busy player of Granado Espada and Flyff, both MMORPG’s. However, still, Sims took most of my time because it was irresistably addicting. I even skipped a few meals and my favorite tv series for it.



I just found the game for free when I visited the Google Play Store. The game was released by the same game publisher, Electronic Arts Nederland BV.

Actually, there’s nothing too much to expect from the game, except for the mobile phone experience. It features same cool stuffs like pets, toddlers, jobs, relationship with other Sims and the “Wohoo”. And, new features are only limited to the dress-up closet, children store, dog items and wedding wear.



It is really fun! It requires internet connection, though, to get things running. You may also need more than 1GB storage to fit in the 826MB size of this app.


But I think it’s worth it to download this game app. I haven’t encountered any lag or force close problem on my Galaxy Tab 8.9 so far. You should try it on your device.


Dungeon Defenders: Second Wave — Boss no. 2

I didn’t know Drei is already very good at Dungeon Defender. Although he has a characterr of his own in my account, I just couldn’t believe that he’ll finish a round with flying colours using my character. Just a couple of nights ago, he played with my charater and defeated a new boss – Goblin Mech. Well, I was the one who set up the towers, but I paused the game for a while and went to “the John”. When I came back, I saw him playing it. Good thing, he knew that I’m blogging such game scenarios, therfore, he took a lot of SS (screenshot). Thanks, Hubb!

According to him, it was a close range monster. Big damage when he caught you with his double sword arms. He didn’t notice the machine’s weakness or his game strategies, all he knew is that he kept on shooting it until it died.



I tried to redo the game with a higher difficulty but, unfortunately, I died a couple of times. Yeah, he was right — blasting damage when he caught you cornered. But I found out that you have to hit on the goblin who controls the monster machine to give him a larger damage. I guess, I just need to increase my level a bit to kill this monster in insane mode.

By the way, off topic, someone mentioned to me that tomorrow Apple will be releasing or presenting the iPad 3. I’m excited to see it, I just hope this isn’t a super advance April fool’s day news.

That’s all folks.


Flyff Turn Over

Who says I’m already out of the Flyff game? Perhaps you’re right. I’m actually in the middle of this busy-ness that’s why I would like to admit that I don’t have time for MMO games (desktop/laptop-based games) for now. Hence, my characters in different MMO are in great hibernation. I still love MMORPG. But just like the Andy-letting-go-of-Woody story of Toy Story 3, I need to focus first to my top priority, which is my work and business. I need to let go of these games for a while.

If you’re to ask me, what shall I do with my characters? Well, I will never terminate them, I will just let someone else take care of them, and I chose my friend, Mark.

Mark was my schoolmate during high school, and I met him long time ago through one of my best friends, Helennie. Moreover, he’s one of the reasons why I play Flyff. He actually asked me a couple of times if I could give him my Flyff account and I was hesitant because I valued my characters a lot, especially Ejomlexus. But since I’ve got no choice and I don’t have stable internet connection in Antipolo and my brother is currently busy because he’s already graduating this March, I really have to let them go.

It was really hard for me. But it’ll be more hard for my feelings if I ain’t gonna let them be one of the strongest characters in Flyff world. I just asked Mark to give some screenshots so I can see what’s going on. Here are some:

Well, I was surprised! Ejom has evolved after a couple of days I lend her to Mark. I guess I should not regret that I gave them to my friend. I’m thinking right now to continue the chronicles. Mark will be the player and I’ll be the writer. Not a bad idea, eh?

So there it goes…

With regard to my Granado Espada account, well, that’s a different story. It would take a lot of years before I could decide whether I’ll let someone play it or I’ll just wait to have desktop at home. Right now, it’s enough for me to see my Flyff characters in good.

Mark, please take care of them!


Dungeon Defenders — Defeating a Boss All By Myself

Defeating a boss with the whole team? Yes, that’s my game! But a solo fight with a boss? You’ve got to be kidding.

Well, I am not a hell like this toon from world of warcraft, who has the gut to kill the Lich King all by himself.

Never will I have the gut to dream of it, although I can do it all by myself only if I want a fanatic suicide — you know, just to see how a boss looks like. Moving forward, I never thought I could. Everyone knows from the beginning that I am only a kiddo in MMORPG whose role is always the bait of the team. Never you’ll see me become the commander or the one-man heroin to put the head of the boss right under my foot. It’s just a coincidence that I managed to kill a giant monster all by myself in the game ‘Dungeon Defenders: second wave’.


Actually, during the game, I was having difficulty on defending my crystal from the lil mosters and ogre and archers. But I was able to finish it with all my towers blinking in red. Meaning, they were in danger of being destroyed. And since the bonus boxes just gave me a few mana, most of my towers were left unrepaired. Plus, I couldn’t create new ones because I run of self mana too. And, when the boss came in, all I needed to do was to ask guidance from heaven and accepted the fact that I was only there to see the boss. And then, the game started.

The boss didn’t see me.




I don’t know if it was just my lucky day or my character was just too small or weak for him to pay an attention. Therefore, while he was busy poking my towers to death, I kept on striking him at the backstage until I saw his health bar blinking critical. And when he was done, I was able to give him a final blow with my super charged strike. And whoala, boss is a future zombie!

I was thinking, what if I changed the difficulty to a higher level. I don’t know if I’m still going to have the same luck. Well, perhaps I should give it a try. But for Ienjoy the victory. Nyahaha!


Chama… Chama… Chama… Chama… Chama… Chameleon!

I don’t know what’s with Chameleon these days and it seems like they are becoming the earth’s popular animal species.

How come did I say that?

Simple! I see chameleon every where!

Well, I don’t think it’s the chameleon-is-an-endangered-species-animal-awareness-year but it seems that this tiny lizard’s cuteness is getting the audience favor.

People make them as pets, marketing are using for their campaigns, and cartoons and movies use them as the hero or side-kick.

In fact, even the world MMORPG’s use them as a character of fun.

And, one of the hottest band I know name their group after a chameleon, and they are the Chameleon Circuit!


Actually, I’m starting to love Chameleon too, especially Rango. I just saw this fabulous movie through DVD last week, and it was a very cool…err…hot one. I regret that I missed this on cinemas. But then, yeah, right now I declare myself as a fan of mi amigo, although I know I’m a bit late. Haha!

On the other hand, as far as the Wildlife Protection is concerned, I don’t think chameleons are already endangered and illegal to become pets. But as much as I wanted to own one, I don’t want to bother these tiny lil amphibians…err…reptiles (whatever!) life in the wild. Besides, I think they are pretty much expensive compare to the usual lizards available in the market. And also, I don’t want to hunt grasshoppers, mantis, crickets or any type of insect just to feed the cute little lizard. I don’t know how sensitive they are too.

But still, I love chameleon!

Hmmm…I guess that’s it. I’m outta here!