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Title: Painting
By: Francis Moje

I don’t know you.
We just had a talk after this night.
Could you stay a little while?
It’s never the same to wake up like this in the morning.

I never felt this before.
I feel like a canvas filled with paint.
Your wild kiss and embrace
Gave me a colorful reason why I need you to stay.

Every brush of your hair in my skin,
It stays until now putting details in the picture.
You knew how to fill the gap
Of this design, I think or maybe, we could call love.

If you’d leave it’s fine.
I will thank you for this light.
I know it sounds weird coming from me,
But you’d see it true from the blush on my cheeks.

If you’d stay with me, though,
I’d make you some coffee or tea.
Maybe you could say something about me.
And might as well I could fill the gaps in your painting.



Take off your clothes

Title: Clothes
By: Francis Moje

Come on here right beside me.
I want to be alone with you tonight.
Turn off the lights and stay.
Play the music; let’s sway.

I will do all the things we dreamed about,
Because I miss all these; I long for your embrace.
I will take all the risk for this kiss.
I need you now; please don’t away.

Your thoughts keeps lingering in my head.
I can still feel your soft skin on my skin.
Your firm lips on my lips
And your blush seen by my narrowed eyes.

Now, now that we have this chance.
Don’t let go of me, I am yours.
So please take a glass of wine
And talk all about us.

But I promised this to you right now.
No need to take off your clothes.
Just show me your smile
And let precious moments take us along.


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