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He’s The Man I Will Always Envy

He's Always Be The Man I Will Always Envy.  /Taken at Puerto Galera, Philippines

Title: He’s The Man I Will Always Envy
By: Francis Moje

Maybe I said I have moved on
But there’s still a pain inside me.
Maybe I said I’ll be okay
But the truth is slowly killing me.

Maybe I’ll just continue to forget
But he’s the man I will always envy.
Maybe I’ll get over this soon
But he’s the man I will always envy.

Maybe in your arms I feel like I belong
But you, you feel the same way for him.
Maybe someday, I know, I will be happy
But he’s the man I will always envy.


White Beach, Puerto Galera – November 2014

Puerto Galera is a perfect place here in the Philippines, for me, to go on vacation. It’s not that far from the city, because a travel from Manila to Batangas pier would only take you a hour or 2, and then a boat ride from Batangas pier to White Beach is just a hour. Waiting time depends on the season, of course.  But if you go there not during summer or with no occasion/holidays, no stress guaranteed.


I usually go there in random days to relax and swim, and most especially to get tanned; or in some days, to relieve a broken heart and stress. I always spend 2 to 3 days there, and that’s enough to feel the view, breeze of the air and the sun. But if you’re into trekking, snorkeling, hiking, banana-boat riding and para-sailing, 2-3 days might not be enough.

Food are affordable. You can jive mostly on Filipino specialties and seafood. Some restaurants offer other dishes, but I would really suggest that you try Filipino food.

Here are some photo’s I took using my phone:

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Click to see the panoramic view of the beach by 5pm:


A Week-Long Rain and Flood

We’ve just survived a week-long rain — not typhoon — and flood. Office operations and school classes have been suspended and dismissed, and most of us were stranded in the middle of the streets and rushing waters.

I consider myself lucky because both of my families were safe – Andrei’s family members were safe and sound here in Antipolo and my family in Tondo, although flood went inside our house as per my sister, they were still safe. As for me, our office operation is 24/7 so I attempted to go to the office a couple of times but eventually failed. Flood was along the way at Brookside going to Junction, Cainta, Rizal.



Jeeps and buses have backed out leaving me no choice but to go back home. Luckily, my boss allowed me to work from home, and I ended up doing that for 3 days.

Everything slightly went well on Friday morning when Mr. Sun has finally shown up. Rain fell down in the evening, though, leaving the Ortigas ext. flooded again – it subsided quickly when the rain stopped. I was stranded for four hours of traffic.

Right now, the sun is up and it is asking me to jog around the Ynarez center. But I won’t do that because I have a party to catch later. I just hope it won’t rain that hard again.

And, I hope everyone is safe.


Job Requirements — Hassle!

Looking for a new job is a tough thing to do. But when you get hired, you have to face another series of hardship — that’s collecting the requirements.

Well, I haven’t found a new job yet. It’s just that Andrei has moved to a more established BPO company that’s why he’s required to complete a number of requirements. And when you say “requirements”, expect a large number of people on queue, a very long wait time and tremendous traffic hours. Since most of these offices don’t operate 24 hours, we have to face the fact that we’re going to deal with all these in the morning.

That means, “Hello, Sunshine!”

Good thing, it’s aircon now in some government offices, especially the BIR office in Makati and on Shaw Blvd., and the clinics are located inside the malls. We were able to make use of the free air-conditioner and free-wifi and free water.

The hassle part though was the NBI clearance application. At the Big-R (Robinson’s mall) in Junction, Cainta, Rizal, the freaking queue starts at 3 in the morning. Well, the mall opens at 9 in the morning, but they can only serve up to 400 slots, that’s why people go there early to get the first numbers. If you’re not lucky enough, you could get the last number wherein they could serve you around 5 in the afternoon. If you’re in a hurry, you’re dead.

Later on, we found out that there’s an online application for NBI. But it will be processed in NBI Taft-Manila office, which a bit far from Antipolo.

How? Well, you can click here to direct you to the NBI online application site.


Independence Day — Just An Ordinary Holiday

Independence Day celebration of this year was a bit boring. I guess the government didn’t put enough budget for the celebration to make it a little bit more exciting and memorable to the Filipino people since it’s the day of our freedom from Spanish Colonialism.

I remember when I was a kid, I was always excited for June 12 because, aside from it is a no-classes-no-work day, my siblings and I were used to watch and, sometimes, join street parades and events. I miss the bands playing kundiman songs, and the fire work display at Quirino Grandstand. Now, it seems so quiet.

I also remember that on that day, many people were selling numerous Philippine flags, shirts with the faces of the heroes and some political party souvenir items. My Grandfather was a big fan of that merchandise, especially the flags.

Moreover, I saw plenty of foreigners who were writing and taking pictures of the famous monuments inManila. I wasn’t sure who they were. Probably, they were tourists who just wanted to join the celebration or exchange students or international reporters who were interested in the Philippine History and culture – I wasn’t really sure.

Now, I barely see people celebrating the Independence Day. Most of them preferred to sit, watch the TV, spend time on Facebook or go to the mall and watch movies.

Lot’s of things have changed now. I think people have really forgotten the importance of Independence Day in our lives. I actually envy those countries who really go party-party every time they celebrate their freedom day.

Well, I guess that’s life as Filipino – just being practical they say.


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