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The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee

Milk and Coffee Adventures

This is actually a dream come true!

Last July, I opened a new domain on wordpress to give space to my much awaiting comics, which is The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk and Coffee. It’s a bunch of Filipino (Tagalog) comic strips that focuses on the friendship of the characters Milk and Coffee and friends.

The story line came out of no where, when I kept on wearing my weird shades and I started drawing my mini me. That’s explain why ‘Coffee’ had this bug-eye/heart-shaped shades. While the other characters are based on people I encounter and some friends.

The comics is in Tagalog, so sorry for the English-speaking fellas who are following me. It’s actually a risk because I don’t have an idea how it will go since I’m never familiar with the local SEO and how the new site’s Google ranking will climb up. Plus the fact that it’ll be composed of mostly images, I think it will be a great challenge for me.

But anyway, to my Filipino friends here, please support The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk and Coffee. I’d appreciate it if you will follow and like our posts both on blogs and Facebook.

Just kindly go to these link and hit like:

Milk and Coffee Adventures – Twitter

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Milk and Coffee Adventures -Website

Thank you so much!

This blog will never close, by the way. I have plenty of poems to share to you, so please, please stay tuned!

Back to Mobile Phone Photography

I was browsing my photos on my phone’s album, and I realized that I have so many things I want to share with you. I’ve decided to create a Flickr account for this, because I’m afraid that uploading these photos here at WordPress would eat all my free spaces.

Most of these pictures were taken this January, and I took these because I’m putting quotes on it and posting it on my Instagram account (Don’t forget to follow me). You know, instead buying stock photos, why not just do it my own since I have a good camera phone to capture the moments I want.

Anyways, here they are. Just feel free to click the photos for a larger view and to know their stories via Flickr.

Click more to view the rest.

4 Races


A smarphone with 41MP camera?

Some smartphone fans choose the best quality of camera as their primary criteria on choosing the best phone for them. For me, it’s also important because I love taking “Selfie” photos and picture of views outside our condo and, of course, when I’m having a trip. I don’t want to settle for low pixel camera because they are kind of unreliable especially when it’s dark or I’m in a moving vehicle.


Before, it was okay to have VGA  — it’s actually because you would just capture and not share it because phones don’t have Instagram during those times. Then 2MP to 13MP came in, making every caption clearer and more high definition. But with Nokia Lumia 1020, 13MP isn’t the ceiling we need to be settled.  Indeed, it is the best camera phone you can find in the market these days.

But what will you do with this high pixel camera?

One of the advantages of having 41MP is that you can already desire to zoom the farthest objects a Samsung Galaxy S4 could not reach. You will be able to enjoy high resolution and high sensitivity features and color balance for exposure in photos that you would take. Thus, it enables you to capture the tiniest pores and blemishes of your skin-conscious friends without having pixilated issues.

On the other hand, if you’re already having troubles on storing large file size of pictures from 13MP, well, you should expect more here. Having a good cloud storage app or high memory SD’s with Nokia Lumia 1020 is recommended to store all the captured moments. You might also have uploading issues with Instagram and Facebook, and ended up resizing the photos for you to post them online.

Obviously, 41MP camera is exaggerated compare to what DSLR cameras could offer. Perhaps, Nokia shouldn’t try making overrated difference.


I’m Bored…So Here’s Some of My Drawings!

Drawing was my favorite past time when the internet and computer hasn’t reached my home, that’s why I feel like I kid every time I bring back this talent to my routine.

My Grandfather is an artist, that’s why it is in our genes to draw or paint or do some lettering. I remember during Elementary and High School days, when we have art projects, we no longer asked for help from anyone. We do it all ourselves.

Anyways, I made these collections recently, and I bet you’ve seen some of these on my previous posts. But to give a full preview of my sketchpad, feel free to browse this post (and don’t forget to leave your comments).

(Click the images for larger view)

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Food That I Missed So Much :)

All I could think about in my rest day was to eat. And the food I just dug in were the things I missed so much.

This one was a slice of Sansrival cake from Goldilocks – I usually order this on my birthday, but since October is way too far, I gave myself an early treat.

Next is Gummyworms. I’m a big fan of gummy candies. I love it’s fruity, sour taste. It gives me *kilig* every time I eat it. Sugar helps me my brain function, by the way.

In the red corner, well, it’s McDonald’s Big ‘N Tasty. I’ve tasted it once and I ordered it again. It is not actually that really big and tasty, but it’s enough to occupy the spaces in my tummy.

On the other hand, Chicken Balls – I rarely see Manong Fishball alongside the streets of Antipolo. I don’t know if people are afraid of Hepatitis or they are just invisible when I’m around. That’s why I bought a couple of packs of these fingerlings.

Finally, Pik-Nik: Shoestrings and Nescafe Sweet and Creamy. You know that I love coffee, while Pik-Nik was my old childhood sweetheart amount all the snacks in the market. I’ve been with this couple since I was a kid.

I just crave for them all of a sudden, but now, *whoalah* crave satisfied.


Nothing Has Changed. I Still Wear Shutter Shades.

I’ve lost the last pair of my shutter shades more than 2 years ago. From then, I had a hard time looking for my favourite pairs. I’ve been through a lot of places, fashion dens and malls just to find a new pair; I failed. Luckily, I found one when I recently visited the Tutuban mall in Divisoria, Manila.

FYI, I really love shutter shades at the first time I saw it. It was very fashionable and unique for me. In fact, I mentioned it in my “About Page” that I’m an avid fun of that shades, and I’m ready to spend for it for the sake of fashion.

My colleagues in my new work actually asked me about the logic of wearing partial shades. They were curious why I love wearing such eyewear in normal days when they only see people wearing it in parties. Well, my answer comes from their question itself: I want to be happy every hour of my life and I want to feel like I’m partying all day wherever I go. Aside from that, I wear shutter shades because I feel unique whenever I wear it. And just like the tall women wearing high-heel pumps, it’s not (actually) just about fashion, but it’s about building my personality and confidence. As you know, only a chosen few people can wear such the whole day.

Moreover, beside from the I’m-unique-baby feeling of wearing this kind of eyewear, shutter shades have two purposes for me: one, to cover my eyes from too much light during the day (it still filters light, you know); second, just to cover my eyes at night (Yes, you’ll still see everything at night, unlike wearing the usual shades). But, as I’ve mentioned, it requires skill to wear this. If you think you have vertigo or something like vision problem, it is advised not to wear such. I swear you won’t like it. But if you insist, you can buy it online or drop by at “Mura Dito” shop in Tutuban Mall.

Anyways, always remember that fashion rule is all about confidence. Ask Lady Gaga and Tyra Banks about it. Never let your ego down. If you want to wear something that would define yourself, go for it. This is a free country…you can do what you want! LOLz

That’s all folks!


Anti-Stress: Happylemon Teas

I was stressed in the past few weeks for finding a new job. I left my previous company because I needed to sustain and I couldn’t wait for them to recall me from being temporarily laid-off for almost a month. Aside from that, I have new plans like to travel to some places in Southeast Asia and to buy new stuff for our house – and I need money to fulfill those.

While I was looking for a job I hanged-out with my friends at Happylemon (SM Megamall Branch). I felt the need for thirst quenchers and to bond with flavoured teas because, as I’ve said, I was really stressed.

Thankfully, our Happylemon day was really a soothing experience, enough for me to say that their featured teas were worth paying for. It was, actually, my first time to taste the most natural blueberry flavoured milk tea in my life, and when you say natural blueberry flavour, that means it was really and awesomely sour.

Tea prices are affordable and really worth it, and that lessen my stress too. If you experience it, you would really say that you have to come back to the store. You have to try it if you haven’t visited the shop.