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My Starbucks 2011 Planner

I mentioned to you guys that I am traditionally collecting Starbucks stickers to get a year planner.

Last night, after torturing my kidney and bladder, I have finally completed the stickers. Yehey!

And look what I got…

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At 4AM: Starbucks Breakfast

How much calories do you I think I can get from this breakfast?

Hmm…can’t guess? Well, I can’t make a guess too. And probably, Starbucks won’t tell me.

It was 4AM when I took this picture and I was in Starbuck Valero alone and writing my draft.

I didn’t have work today; I was just waiting for SOMEONE because we’re about to go and fetch our other friends in different places.

Why so early?

Well, my friends are Catholic, and today is the last day of their 9 mornings church thing. They just asked me to come along with them to complete the gang.

As I wait for them, I wrote the draft of this blog on my handy-dandy-note book which I bought at national bookstore for a cheap price.

Anyways, look at me… I look so d@rn… @#$%^!!!

Of course, I just woke up! From whose bed? You should never know. Ha!

Good bye, people! See yah again!

The Power of 2 Mega Pixel (part 4)

After my face turned into a…a…a…whatever, I started eating my all time favourite sweet “again”.

Here here you go…

But that’s not what I want to talk about on this blog.

I just want to share these photos I took when my folks and I were eating at Starbucks.

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I need Perpetual Mercy, Diabetes.

Sigh! Starbucks has already launch their Christmas edition cups and promos. And as a tradition, we’re all collecting stickers now for the sake of next year’s planner and helping the coffee farmers around the globe.

All of a sudden, my sweet tooth came back, and it’s giving me the hell freaking toothache and wallet-ache.

(Yeah, that’s my newest term: “Wallet-ache!”)

Well, I just kept on ordering the yummy and my all-time favourite Black Forest cheesecake from my friend Alvin. That’s why I run out of cash fast. (click this link for more info about his store)

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After Parkour Training

My Parkour training went well today.

We are almost done with the lectures about the rolling, jumping and landing. I volunteered to try it in front of everybody, and thank God my bones didn’t crack. My co-newbies had fun too.

Anyways, I was tired and it was just 10:30AM. I needed to stay awake for my whole day [house] activities and for my Encantadia YouTube Marathon. Although I had my breakfast, my tummy got hungry because of all those basic parkour things. Imagine the calories I burned in this kind of sport.

Of course, I went to Starbucks to grab my yummy faves…

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Venus Raj at the Hostage Taking? – Behind the Picture

I don’t know if I’ll get mad or laugh at this photo courtesy of “The Rookie Blogger.”

I couldn’t help but to smile at Venus Raj and at the same time think about tragic incident that happened on that bus.

Well, putting the two greatest news in one picture is brilliant idea. But honestly, I can’t tell the emotion of this picture.  When I look at it. It was like I’m trying to figure it out if Mona Lisa is really smiling at her picture or not.

I mean, look…

It’s good to realize that Venus still looks beautiful no matter where you place her. You’d really think that she deserves a title in the Ms. Universe Pageant.

On the other hand, I realized how tragic and unforgettable the incident on that bus was. Actually, every time I will see my Chinese friends I remember the Hong Kong nationals who became hostages of our  ex-cop. And sad to say, many died on that Monday.

Well, I won’t give myself a headache thinking the correct way to react on this photo. I guess, I’ll just leave a comment on “The Rookie Blogger’s” site. Right now though, enjoy looking at the picture.

Venus Raj Syndrome at Major, Major Starbucks

I went to Starbucks again to get a mood booster [coffee] because I feel so sleepy and I think I won’t be able to keep myself awake at the office.

Until now, I still have Venus Raj’s “Major, major” syndrome. That’s why when the Barista asked me which drink I want, I told him, “I want a Major, major venti Dark Mocha. ”

Then he asked me again, “May I know your major, major name, Sir?”

Of course, I continued the major, major thing and told him my nick name.

When they called me to get my coffee, I was surprised that they really wrote my nick with “Major, Major”.

After that, I realized that I should be proud of Venus Raj. Her shine is far more different than any other. She great influence to everyone.