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My Hair — Bleaching

Some people think of my hair as an evolving pokemon since it changes, if not most of the time, monthly — every time I go to the salon. Personally, though, I call it the evolution of my boredom + artistry.

Ejomlexus Hair

You’ve seen my hair straight, with patterns, almost shaved, in different style and color; but right now I did the thing that I haven’t tried before: bleaching.

It wasn’t my plan, really. It’s just that a friend has convinced me to do it for some reason. But I eventually liked it as it transform to my target and that is to have a Storm (X-men)-like white hair.

20130824_134523 20130916_184917 Camera 360

Bleaching was tough and maintenance is kind of expensive. It takes 30 to 45 minutes to get result per session and you need up to 4-5 sessions to get a very light result, depending on the strength of your hair.

ejomlexus bleach hair 04 Ejomlexus Hair ejomlexus bleach hair 03

When I finally couldn’t afford to whiten my hair with the use of bleach, and I also feared that I might kill my strands by over using it, I had already needed the touch of the experts from Bench Fix Salon at SM San Lazaro. (Look for Arnold Macapagal, if you want to have a style like the one below)

ejomlexus bleach hair 01ejomlexus bleach hair 02ejomlexus bleach hair tattoo 01 20131005_140243ejomlexus bleach hair tattoo 02

Few things I’ve discovered:

– Bleached or blonde hair turns green when you wet your hair in the swimming pool. It can be restored, though, by putting tomato paste all over your hair and leaving it for 30 minutes.

– Bleach or color in Filipino’s hair fades easily, so you need a shampoo that can keep the color for long.

– Wait at least 2 months before you re-color it, so it won’t damage your scalp.




Hair Tattoo: Larger Design

I had a need to change my hairstyle every time I visit my favourite salon, Bench Fix Salon – SM San Lazaro, in a monthly basis. I always want to look weird unique once I step out of that salon.

This time I’ve got a style with different and much beautiful patterns. Check it out!


I could say that this is the most beautiful haircut I’ve ever had in my life. Never did I dare myself to get a costly and very radical haircut that might end up giving me forever damage to my hair, but thank God I’ve got a great hairstylist and he really took care of my crown.

The process was a cutting and curving was a little bit slow. It took us almost an hour to perfect the shape, that’s why you’ll see marker traces in one of my pictures above. To tell you honestly, though, the whole thing is not original. This was inspired to the picture I searched on Facebook a month ago. My hairstylist just gave it a new twist, making it fit for the size my head and previous style of my hair.

To get this hairstyle, look for Arnold Macapagal at SM San Lazaro, Bench Fix Salon.


Tribal Hair Design

I get easily bored with my hairstyle these days, and my key to relieve myself from monthly stress is to get a new haircut. Therefore, after a month of having a new hairstyle, I have done something a kind of new to my hair.

Tada! See those patterns? It’s only one-sided and they call it ‘Tribal Design’, but I guess for some people they call it hair tattoo. Arnold of Bench Fix Salon, SM San Lazaro did this to me. He said he could have used more patterns if only I have something in mind, but since I requested for simpler design he just do some carvings on one side of my hair. It’s so perfect for me, though.

Well, he used a powerful razor for it and Arnold was really fast. I’m thinking if I’m going to have more fabulous design next month. I found a new in YouTube how to do this stuff and I already asked Arnold to prepare for himself.


English Writing

English is important to me. Obviously, I use it as the medium language of Ejomlexus blog. I barely post things in Filipino here because my target audiences are the ones who speak and read and understand the common English, that’s why I keep on studying the rules of writing and everything about English to make this blog easier to dig in.

One of the tools I’m using to improve my writing skills is this book I’ve got from my recent company training. It’s William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White’s The Elements of Style (4th edition). The book contains rich and effective English writing elements that would really enhance your writing, for example: the correct usage of apostrophe “s” and the “;” semicolon; the simplification of the sentences; the relationship of independent and dependent clauses; and many more.

The rules in the book are more understandable and more feasible to follow for those who want to start a writing habit; hence, it’s very enlightening for me. It’s a must read for bloggers, writers and students. In fact, in my job, the elements in this book are the basis of our grammar and composition quality. If you missed a rule, then you go to jail get low scores; therefore, it must be strictly followed.

I’ve already read the book twice and tried to apply elements, but I don’t why I still have the same old writing skills. Perhaps, I need more time to inculcate it in my skull and in my heart in order for me to say that I’ve improved. I’m doing my best, though.

I’m not pretty sure if this is still available in the bookstores here in the Philippines, but you can buy a soft copy of it in Amazon…or just let me know; let see if I can lend you a copy.


My K-Pop Hairstyle

I went to Manila just to get my hair done. I’ve been longing for the Fix Salon in SM San Lazaro simply because I’m not satisfied with the services of the cheap salons in Antipolo. Salons in Antipolo are only after for more income, and not with customer satisfaction. They are always in a hurry when they style my hair, perhaps cutters have quotas or they are just hyper to grab all the customers in the area.

Meanwhile, in Fix Salon, I was happy to see my same old stylist – Arnold, Marvin – plus, they’ve got new staff like Ferdie, who recently did a great job for giving me a makeover. Haircut price is still at Php185.00.

To be honest, I noticed the stress in my face. I needed a haircut not just to attract people in my new office, but also to give myself a fresh look. And since the brush-up hairdo didn’t work for me, they gave me a K-pop hairstyle.

I love the result. Adding a blade cut in my right eyebrow gives me a bad boy look and emphasize to my style and advantage for my everyday wear.

Check-out where he copied this…

Way to similar, right?

Anyways, if you want to try this salon, just drop by at the ground floor of SM San Lazaro – right inside the Super Bench boutique.


Nothing Has Changed. I Still Wear Shutter Shades.

I’ve lost the last pair of my shutter shades more than 2 years ago. From then, I had a hard time looking for my favourite pairs. I’ve been through a lot of places, fashion dens and malls just to find a new pair; I failed. Luckily, I found one when I recently visited the Tutuban mall in Divisoria, Manila.

FYI, I really love shutter shades at the first time I saw it. It was very fashionable and unique for me. In fact, I mentioned it in my “About Page” that I’m an avid fun of that shades, and I’m ready to spend for it for the sake of fashion.

My colleagues in my new work actually asked me about the logic of wearing partial shades. They were curious why I love wearing such eyewear in normal days when they only see people wearing it in parties. Well, my answer comes from their question itself: I want to be happy every hour of my life and I want to feel like I’m partying all day wherever I go. Aside from that, I wear shutter shades because I feel unique whenever I wear it. And just like the tall women wearing high-heel pumps, it’s not (actually) just about fashion, but it’s about building my personality and confidence. As you know, only a chosen few people can wear such the whole day.

Moreover, beside from the I’m-unique-baby feeling of wearing this kind of eyewear, shutter shades have two purposes for me: one, to cover my eyes from too much light during the day (it still filters light, you know); second, just to cover my eyes at night (Yes, you’ll still see everything at night, unlike wearing the usual shades). But, as I’ve mentioned, it requires skill to wear this. If you think you have vertigo or something like vision problem, it is advised not to wear such. I swear you won’t like it. But if you insist, you can buy it online or drop by at “Mura Dito” shop in Tutuban Mall.

Anyways, always remember that fashion rule is all about confidence. Ask Lady Gaga and Tyra Banks about it. Never let your ego down. If you want to wear something that would define yourself, go for it. This is a free country…you can do what you want! LOLz

That’s all folks!


My Top 5 Lady Gaga Hairstyles

Unfortunately, men can’t wear hair extensions nevertheless if it is a work requirement, or let’s say necessary. But Gaga, given the fact that she’s a woman, I think she’s the most authorized artist in the world to wear all kinds of wigs, extension and any kinds of hair accessories. No wonder why she’s one of the leading fashion icons in the music industry these days.

Many got inspired, of course. You know, lot’s people have now started wearing unusual hair colors and abstract hair styles. But still no one can beat Mother Monster when it comes to unique cuts and trims.

So what are the top 5 Lady Gaga hair style for me?

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