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American Idol: Jessica Sanchez

Meanwhile, Filipinos are proud and excited to watch American Idol because another half-blood Filipino made it again on top. Jessica Sanchez luckily made it to top 4 and could possibly win the said prestigous singing competition in the United States. The first half-blood filipino who made it that far was Jasmine Trias, but, unfortunately, she got voted off and was placed 3rd during her season, competing with Fantasia and the others.


Jessica impressed the judges with her wonderful renditions of songs like ‘Love you, I do’ (Jennifer Hudson), ‘I will always love you’ (Whitney Houston), ‘Turn the beat around’ (Gloria Stefan), ‘How will I know?’ (Whitney Houston), ‘Stuttering’ (Jazmin Sullivan), ‘Sweet dreams’ (Beyonce), ‘Fallin’ (Alicia Keys), ‘Dance with my Father’ (Luther Vandross) and ‘Bohemean raphsody’ (Queen), and recently the ‘Proud Mary’ (Tina Turner). She almost got voted off during the top 7 week, but the judges used their save powers so she could remain in the competition.

Jessica Sanchez did not only appear on American Idol, she had also apperances on different competition and some important eventsin the United States. She has already joined America’s Got Talent, but she made only on finals, theoufh wild card. Youtube, on the other hand, was her spotlight if not on stage or TV. She’s got lots of song covers that will surely made you wow. You can check out her beautiful covers of ‘Love on top’ (Beyonce) and ‘Rolling in the deep’ and ‘Someone like you’ (Adele). She also had some collaboration with other Youtube stars and gained several clikcs from the video surfers.

Jessica Sanchez hasn’t been in the Philippines, according to her. But for sure will pay us a visit after this year’s AI season. Well, I’m getting ready for the finals. All my bets are to her, if not, I’d go with Phillips. Either of the two will satisfy my AI mania this year.



Wacko-wacko Look-A-Like

There’s a new Teleserye craze on ABS-CBN channel 2 that features a lovable and cute little monster named Wacko-wacko. Kids, for sure, are starting to love it, especially the story is filled with laughter, adventure and a bit of drama.

However, I can’t seem to separate its look from some cartoon characters. First, I find Wacko-wacko very similar to the friendly Star Wars buddies, Ewoks. Perhaps because of the facial fur and the color.

Then, when I watched on silver screen and I saw the rolling commercial, I also found him similar to Lorax — but way to far because of the graphics.

Lastly, no offense, Wacko-wacko seems to be the long lost family of pedobear. LOL!

But no matter what, he is still adorable. I just hope he could beat the magical egg from GMA 7 named Iglot. I’m thinking if ABS-CBN is planning to create some sort of fan toys. We’ll see…