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Every day of my life, I always find myself laughing at this freakin’ website –Damn LOL.

I don’t call it procrastination anymore because it’s already part of my daily routine to check at least 5 pages a day. In fact, I checked it more than my twitter and Facebook accounts, because it was super addicting.

I haven’t shared this to my new officemates since browsing is allowed in our office, especially during breaks. For sure, they would love and get addicted to the site.

Well, I don’t know if I mentioned this on my previous post about Damn LOL, but it’s a site where can find a compilation of funny, annoying and jaw-dropping photos. You got to see it for yourself.



Fashion Accessory Store: The Pink Empress (Part 2 of 2)

Pink Empress continues…

Nath wasn’t answering my calls yesterday, but she replied to me through a single text while I was sleeping. She said that she’s already gotten the package from Pink Empress through LBC. She even sent me her photos wearing it.

Check this out…

As usual, she’s bought the girly fashion colours — light blue and pink — that she always wears everyday.  But anyways, it looks exactly as advertised on their facebook page.

It costs only Php 150.00(US$3.59 est.) for 3 pairs, and Php 60.00 (US$1.43 est.) each. Click here to see the page.

And these…

I think this is what she ordered. Click here to see the page.

I like this one more — it’s more elegant — and it costs only Php 120.00 (US$2.87).

I gave Nath a call a few minutes ago and she told me that the store owner was very courteous as she didn’t need to text her for follow ups, and the store was really contactable through the number they provided on their Facebook page.

She didn’t ask if Pink Empress accepts bulk orders, but I’m planning to give the owner a call and ask.

By the way, I took a screen shot of everything she sells on our site. Click the link below to continue reading.



Fashion Accessory Store: The Pink Empress (Part 1 of 2)

It’s the start of rainy season here in Manila. My girl friends and I can’t go out of the house to visit shopping malls to spend their pay day money. So they asked me to look for local online store that sells affordable yet exquisite designs of fashion accessories.

To be honest, I don’t like purchasing via online. I preferred to walk than to click when buying stuffs. But since the streets are wet and the rain is unstoppable, the only choice I’ve is got is to help them and use my internet surfing skills to look for more reliable online shop in the Philippines.

Then I found, this store on facebook…

Pink Empress

Actually, one of friends referred me here. She told me that this is one of the trusted fashion online stores she has dealt with. Choices are very unique, in fact, they offer made-to-order fashion accessories, and the owner was very contactable via phone so you can easily give them your instructions, she added.

I checked their Facebook page myself to find out more them and their transaction. Here’s what I’ve got:

  1.  They’ve got their number posted on the page, and it’s working (I tried calling it).
  2.  They’ve got easy-to-read-easy-to-understand-policy. Click here.
  3. They accept payments through BPI, GCash, and Western Union.
  4. They ship via Air21 or LBC. (But it depends on your location).
  5. Lastly, designs are unique and brand new, except if you want request to have inspiration with your designs.
(Click images for larger view)

The store offers a wide array of unique bracelets, necklaces, rings and foot accessories. I will try to post them tomorrow here. For now, though, I’ll give my girl friends a call and I’ll let you know their feedback about the items they bought.



What the…? This is what I see when I opened wordpress to read some fresh posts today.

And in a few hours from now, Facebook,  Twitter, including the Wikipedia will be censored from the eye of the public. Why is this happening? Well, blame the U.S. Congress Protect IP Act (PIPA) H.R. 3261 a.k.a. Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).

This will hinder most of us from reading public info that’s written in English; that includes everything in Google, Yahoo, NYTimes and videos on Youtube.

Imagine life without this? F*ck the hell! I hope the US congressman who created this bill knew what he’s trying to implement.

I’ve already signed in the online petition, helping our US protesters to stop this bill. And hopefully, all luck is with them. Because as a blogger, this is the most stupid idea I’ve encountered in my whole online life, and this should not be the way they stop online piracy.

If you want to join the petition, simply visit the following links below:

Hope we could get your support to this…





Procrastination: Damn LOL!

Procrastination is a great problem for me recently. Although multi-tasking is great and big forte, still can’t rid of doing other things while doing my real thing. (Hope you get my point. Hahaha)

When I write blogs at home, the first thing that always caught my attention is Facebook. Then, after a week, it’s Twitter. And then lately, this website:

It’s called Damn LOL.

Well, Damn LOL is a site full of funny jpeg and gif photos. I browse it almost every time I access my personal computer. Well, it’s addictive especially the photos about the iPhone’s epic fail autocorrect and the Troll guy.

I’ve seen lots of website like this but I guess this is the best one. Although it has some crazy pop-ups, but you can just ignore or block it. Good thing about this site is it’s well updated in the current events, so you can really RFMAO and LOL every time you turn the page.

If you have hilarious photos, you can also submit it so it can be posted there and make the people around the world laugh.

Just an advise if you’re checking the site, make use of you bookmarks. Haha!

That’s all folks!


Customer Service Chat: Globe Telecom Agent Fails!

Another one bites the dust and this time it’s one of our telecom companies here in the Philippines

Just a little background, Globe telecom is one of the first telecom companies who introduces the customer service chat here in the Philippines. However, since not most of the Filipinos are used to this kind of service, the chat link of globe becomes a bit obsolete. I think only internet savvy people may notice it.

But yeah, I went to the customer service “chat” of Globe Telecom to ask them how much the cash-out price for Galaxy Tab’s plan 999 is. And here’s the whole chat story:


Click Click Click


Another Gayest Interlude: Mr. Manhattan

Ever played Spartan in your Family Computer? The was just like that but the funny thing is their using a magnificent sword.

You watch to find out!


>> Up next another mother monster post!