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At Last My Galaxy Tab!

Well, it was September when I decided to buy Galaxy Tab instead of iPhone. However, I went through a lot of delays, which I shared to you in the past few blogs, that’s why I were able buy it only this January of 2012.

Thanks for being kicked out of from the job and the money I’ve got from the company that’s the reason why I have now my much awaiting gadget, the Galaxy Tab 8.9.

I chose Galaxy Tab 8.9 because, aside from its perfect size and adobe flash, it has a lot of features that fits my needs. I can blog, check FB and Twitter and other websites, take pictures with many rich effects, and of course play cool games. I’m not saying that iPhone/iPad doesn’t have those features. It’s just that I find Galaxy Tab 8.9 almost perfect.

I have already downloaded everything I listed on my Top 7 apps, and am enjoying it especially the fruit ninja and camera360. I have downloaded some ebooks as well, and Percy Jackson currently took my interest.

I’m planning to download more, but I can’t decide which is which. Perhaps, I need to stay more on Android Market, in that way I could get a new list of top apps to download.



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