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Dear God…

Dear God,

Thank you for the most wonderful life you’ve given me. Thank you for my job, the food I eat, my family and friends who support me and others simple and great things that are happening to me. I thank you for the protection that you have given and for answering and giving hope to my prayers. Thank you for allowing me to write poems of different themes, for the knowledge that you’re giving me and, most especially, the talent that you lend me.

Every time I search the Internet to find inspiration about life, I see things that put pain in my heart and great conscience in my mind. I feel stressed every time I turned quiet with this things, but you’re giving me a way to vent this out by means of all things I write, that’s why I recover and go back to my normal life.

Lord, I pray for what’s going in the middle east, where people are being burnt alive, beheaded and killed in different ways. Most of these people are your people and I truly believe that you care for them. I could not write things about them because I don’t know what they feel, and I could not describe their face because I wasn’t there. But, Lord, I felt their fear and faith mixing together. Dear God, I know how it hurts you, although you’re strong. I know how these things make your knee fell to the ground, in spite that you are the greatest of all. I know, because you love them. And love always break if you see the people you love die or suffer or be at the horrible condition. Lord, hear their prayers. If all these things are destined to happen as far as the Bible is concern, let your people find you in the middle of the problem. Count their faith; not their fears. Count their worships; take note of their tears. This is not a command, O Lord. But I humbly ask your holy name of this.

For the people who are doing this, I don’t want to call them enemies. They might have purpose that we don’t understand or a demand that people misunderstood. I pray for them also that they might find satisfaction on great things about you, instead of this brutality. Remind them their loving families, so they’d stop putting blood of other people in their hands. Grant them great visions of their happy childhood, so they’d know good things that are better than crimes. Remind them of their mothers or fathers who carried them when they got sick or hurt, so they’d carry others too with care. Remind them of the first milk they drunk, so they’d remember the children they helped at some part of their lives, and never hurt children anymore. Support them with your love, so they’d know who you are to them. Fill their minds with fair judgment in that way they could spend their lives more with friends and those who love them, rather than spending life in fun with killings. Let them smell the sweet turkeys in oven, so they’d reject the smell of the burning people and never do it again. Grant them peace in their hearts and forgiveness, I pray.

For the people who you are calling your people, grant them peace in their hearts as well. We need more patience and strength and perseverance so the crave for revenge won’t eat us and love reign among us. Cure our differences so that we become one, as your body is one. Make us a good example by nurturing us with wisdom that would burst to the world and make them followers of you, not us. I pray that we surrender ourselves to you, and be focused on our faith that’d healing our mind, body and soul. Help us become you — patient, loving, just, healing, forgiving.

I prayed for those who already died. Let their soul find comfort in you. Let your promises wipe their tears as they look up from their graves, waiting for you. Let them see heaven and may you guide them there. Let their faith make them who you wanted them to be, and forget their shortcomings in Earth.

Lord, I am truly blessed with your mightiness and that you are what I called my God. Grant my prayers as you always do.

In Jesus’ Name I pray this. Amen.

– F


A Week-Long Rain and Flood

We’ve just survived a week-long rain — not typhoon — and flood. Office operations and school classes have been suspended and dismissed, and most of us were stranded in the middle of the streets and rushing waters.

I consider myself lucky because both of my families were safe – Andrei’s family members were safe and sound here in Antipolo and my family in Tondo, although flood went inside our house as per my sister, they were still safe. As for me, our office operation is 24/7 so I attempted to go to the office a couple of times but eventually failed. Flood was along the way at Brookside going to Junction, Cainta, Rizal.



Jeeps and buses have backed out leaving me no choice but to go back home. Luckily, my boss allowed me to work from home, and I ended up doing that for 3 days.

Everything slightly went well on Friday morning when Mr. Sun has finally shown up. Rain fell down in the evening, though, leaving the Ortigas ext. flooded again – it subsided quickly when the rain stopped. I was stranded for four hours of traffic.

Right now, the sun is up and it is asking me to jog around the Ynarez center. But I won’t do that because I have a party to catch later. I just hope it won’t rain that hard again.

And, I hope everyone is safe.


Dreams: The Fire Tornado Interpretation (part 2 of 2)

Interpreting dreams in your own way sucks! Definitely!

Actually, my head hurts already. I just realized that I don’t have a psychic ability to answer all these stuffs.

I wish I was Alice [of twilight], so I’d know what the future tells; or Joseph ‘The Dreamer’ so I could interpret all of this accurately.

What happened is that, I read…read…read…and read, and learned a lot of things from stories about “The Fire Tornado!”

First, I’ve been to the Wikipedia. I learned that fire tornado is something like a very rare phenomenon.  I learned that it occurs only when there are changes in the wind pattern plus the fire temperature…blah…blah…blah… (Science could only explain. RAWR!)

Then, I’ve been to some science and weather websites that talk about fire tornado too.

Then, I’ve been to fortune telling websites…which is a bit crappy and contradicting.

Then, I remembered Moses’ story in the bible when God creates a fire pillar to block the pharaoh’s army during their escape from Egypt. The pillar of fire by night remained with them until they reached the Promised Land.

And another one is this…a real fire tornado.

Click Click Click!

Venus Raj at the Hostage Taking? – Behind the Picture

I don’t know if I’ll get mad or laugh at this photo courtesy of “The Rookie Blogger.”

I couldn’t help but to smile at Venus Raj and at the same time think about tragic incident that happened on that bus.

Well, putting the two greatest news in one picture is brilliant idea. But honestly, I can’t tell the emotion of this picture.  When I look at it. It was like I’m trying to figure it out if Mona Lisa is really smiling at her picture or not.

I mean, look…

It’s good to realize that Venus still looks beautiful no matter where you place her. You’d really think that she deserves a title in the Ms. Universe Pageant.

On the other hand, I realized how tragic and unforgettable the incident on that bus was. Actually, every time I will see my Chinese friends I remember the Hong Kong nationals who became hostages of our  ex-cop. And sad to say, many died on that Monday.

Well, I won’t give myself a headache thinking the correct way to react on this photo. I guess, I’ll just leave a comment on “The Rookie Blogger’s” site. Right now though, enjoy looking at the picture.