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“I”: A Tale of Depression

I know I can,
But sometimes it gets in my head:
I wanna give up.

I wanna get that knife,
Struck it in my throat;
But I’m afraid of blood.

I wanna get that rope,
Hang myself somewhere;
But I’m afraid of heights.

I wanna get that poison,
Gulp the whole bottle;
But I’m not to brave to do it.

I need to hold on
To someone who can save me from
All of these mess;

Someone I can sit with
In this vast of quietness
And depression and loneliness.

But I guess I’m alone.
I will deal with everything myself,
Me and I.

I thought I was strong
Maybe I worried too much
That’s why until now I’m afraid.

I guess I will run away
Relax my mind and shoulders
And leave the world away.


The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk & Coffee

Milk and Coffee Adventures

This is actually a dream come true!

Last July, I opened a new domain on wordpress to give space to my much awaiting comics, which is The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk and Coffee. It’s a bunch of Filipino (Tagalog) comic strips that focuses on the friendship of the characters Milk and Coffee and friends.

The story line came out of no where, when I kept on wearing my weird shades and I started drawing my mini me. That’s explain why ‘Coffee’ had this bug-eye/heart-shaped shades. While the other characters are based on people I encounter and some friends.

The comics is in Tagalog, so sorry for the English-speaking fellas who are following me. It’s actually a risk because I don’t have an idea how it will go since I’m never familiar with the local SEO and how the new site’s Google ranking will climb up. Plus the fact that it’ll be composed of mostly images, I think it will be a great challenge for me.

But anyway, to my Filipino friends here, please support The Zero Calorie Adventures of Milk and Coffee. I’d appreciate it if you will follow and like our posts both on blogs and Facebook.

Just kindly go to these link and hit like:

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Thank you so much!

This blog will never close, by the way. I have plenty of poems to share to you, so please, please stay tuned!


I started taking drugs
And drinking alcohol.
Nobody calls or texts
To say one ‘Hello!’
I don’t know what’s going
In our crazy world.
I pray but I don’t know which god
Will grant me life to you.

What kind of demon are you
Living in my body
It seems you can’t escape
From my callings
I hate to say this
But I think you gonna rot there
I’m alive,
I will survive.

My love is a Sunday
Of my weekdays
Not a Friday
Or Thursday

My love is Sunday
It’s a sweet day
‘Cuz baby I turn happy.
But when you’re gone.
It’s like Monday.
You’re a Sunday, You’re a Sunday


Puerto Galera #summer

Title: Understand
Lyrics: Franco Moje

Why do I have to say again
“The truth seems like an air”?
Why do I fall again
In every word you speak even it has no meaning?

Why do I keep on burning
From your deep cold eyes?
Why do I keep coming back
Just to wipe out your tears?

I need, I need to understand
Why do I feel so in love when we kiss,
When we hold our hands,
When we walk or drink a wine?
I need, I need to understand,
‘Cuz I’m hanging by a thread,
When you stare at my eyes,
And you say you love me yet you’re not in my arms.

Why are you keep coming close
Yet you’re breaking my heart?
Why did you softly pat my head
Then leave me with your captivating look?

Why do I keep on staring
At the cracked walls that reminds us?
Then again I say a little prayer
Just to fill this large space between us.

Life Tonight


Title: Life Tonight
By: Francis Moje

My life tonight, you can be my love and honey
My Kyptonite, you can be my everything.
You showered me with smile,
That what makes my heart melt.
I love you, my soul, my forever,
Give me chance just for tonight.

You knew, that you’re my ideal one,
That someone I will always love.
I love the small things you were giving,
I no longer have to demand.
You may live for the rest of your days,
Give me chance just for tonight.

Life Tonight, I must be dreaming
Life Tonight, I will cherish this forever.
Life Tonight, give me warm like a red wine.
Oh, my life tonight, you are my life tonight.

Wrong Turn

Wrong Turn

Title: Wrong Turn
By: Francis Moje

I’ve got it all, I’ve seen it all
When we were loving each other.
True loves wait but you just hate;
You were only seeing my mistake.
I couldn’t breathe, Your arms were stiff;
You wrapped me, chained me, and sexed me.
You didn’t know that I loved you despite
Of all the things you’ve done.

But there was a wrong turn,
There was a wrong turn, honey.
You chose the wrong path,
You chose to be alone, honey.

We could have been the happiest together,
But took the wrong turn, honey

I need a beer, you made all my fear
That I tremble fear with love today.
I couldn’t believe, It couldn’t find relief
‘Cuz it should’ve not been like that.
I called it quit, yes, I chose it.
Its pain is real, no more game or deal.
Pain know no chances when
We were talking about hurt.

‘Cuz there was a wrong turn,
There was a wrong turn, honey.
You chose the wrong path,
You chose to be alone, honey.

We could have been the happiest together,
But took the wrong turn, honey

You’re revenge couldn’t save us from what we are today.
What we are today is something you…we deserve,
I don’t someone like you in my life,
‘Cuz you took the wrong turn.

Ikaw Na Lang Sana

Jose Malvar King
Title: Ikaw Na Lang Sana
By: Francis Moje

Bakit ‘di ko magawang limutin ka?
Bakit ba patuloy na umaasa?
Kung ako ang tatanungin, siguro iisa lang ang sasabihin,
Mahal kasi kita, kaya ikaw na lang.

Ikaw na lang, ang aking hihintayin,
Ikaw na lamang, ang aking iibigin.
Maguluhan man ang aking mundo,
Sa’yo ang buhay ko ay hihinto.
Ikaw na lang, ikaw na lang sana.

Bakit ba ako’y nahumaling sa’yo?
Siguro para sa akin, perpekto ang angas mo.
Nasasaktan dahil may iba ka na yatang mahal,
Ngunit ako’y maghihintay.

Ikaw na lang ang aking mamahalin.
Ikaw na lang ang papangarapin.
Hindi na maghahanap pa ng iba,
Pumuti man lahat ng buhok sa aking bumbunan.
Mahal kasi kita, kaya ikaw na lang sana.