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Bakit hindi ko magawang kalimutan
Ang mga nakalipas na nagdaan?
Pareho naman tayong nasaktan,
Bakit ako’y labis na nahihirapan?

Marunong ba akong magpatawad?
Kailan ko ito sa’yo maigagawad?
‘Di ako makahanap ng iyong katulad,
Kung wala ka saan ako papadpad?

Lahat ng ligaya ay nagmula sa’yo.
Ang totoo, wala nang hihigit pa sa’yo.
Ngunit bakit tayo nagkakaganito?
Tila ba lahat ay unti-unting naglalaho.

Araw-araw mayroong nasasaktan.
Pagsubok ba ito na ating pasan-pasan
O sadya bang lahat ito’y mararanasan?
Kung ganoon man, lahat ba ay may katapusan?

Bukas, araw na naman ay sisikat
May pag-asa pa ba para sa ating lahat?
Dalo’y ng pagmamahalan natin ba’y aalat
Tulad ng hampas ng tubig sa dagat?

Sana maubusan na ako ng luha
Nang bukas lahat ng sakit ay pumawi na.
Nakaraan susubuking limutin na,
Nang hindi na ako matagpuang nakatulala.


Tribal Hair Design

I get easily bored with my hairstyle these days, and my key to relieve myself from monthly stress is to get a new haircut. Therefore, after a month of having a new hairstyle, I have done something a kind of new to my hair.

Tada! See those patterns? It’s only one-sided and they call it ‘Tribal Design’, but I guess for some people they call it hair tattoo. Arnold of Bench Fix Salon, SM San Lazaro did this to me. He said he could have used more patterns if only I have something in mind, but since I requested for simpler design he just do some carvings on one side of my hair. It’s so perfect for me, though.

Well, he used a powerful razor for it and Arnold was really fast. I’m thinking if I’m going to have more fabulous design next month. I found a new in YouTube how to do this stuff and I already asked Arnold to prepare for himself.


I’m So In Love With You

It’s beyond my heart,
It’s beyond my dreams,
Beyond those crazy smiles
And beyond my feelings.

This is what I trully feel;
I can’t simply hide it
My legs can’t move
And heart is on my sleeves.

I’m so in love with you
No matter how hard you make me cry.
This heart belongs to you;
No one can take it away.

You’re my complexion —
Without you in the dark.
My souls is so much blessed
Findin you here by my side.

Later in my dreams
I’ll hold you quietly,
Desperately, Emotionally
‘Cause I’m yours totally.

When I wake up, dear,
I would do the same.
I won’t let dreams surpasses
What I have in my reality.

Sincerely, I’m yours
From head to foot,
my breathe to my heartbeat
You can call me yours.

I’m so in love with you
No matter how hard you make me cry.
This heart belongs to you;
No one can take it away.


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Someone Who Never Say ‘I Love You’

I met someone who denies his heart
And he thinks I don’t deserve his love.
He feels everything for me,
but has never said enough.

He loves to see me smiling,
Yet he never admit it with his mouth.
Instead, he touch me with hands
And tells me he needs me so much.

Why there are people like you?
Someone who never say ‘I Love You’.
Even though you feel it
Deep inside you still hide it.
Why are there people like you?

Sometimes it’s better off like this,
‘Cause when I ask you it keeps weak.
I wonder why you’re so afraid to tell.
Don’t you know those words would break the spell?

I’m waiting, please tell me.
It’s just that I’m excited to fall again.
Those words, even though I feel them,
It becomes meaningful when I hear them.

So tell me, or will I just keep wondering?
That in someway there’s something.
Because I’m always thinking
Why are there people like you…
…who never say ‘I Love You’.


I wrote this because I’m really inspired with the book 50 Shades. Also, I’ve experienced it myself.

50 Shades of Shocked!


That’s first thing I’ve ever thought of when I finished reading 50 Shades of Grey. At the first glance of the book series, I thought the story was something about a mystery or investigative story – which are the stories Iove. I didn’t know that E.L. James, the author, will have that kind of so much expression and ideas about sex, love and (ehem!) S&M, that makes every page more breath-taking and exciting to read.

It was actually my friend Rakee (of ) and Ate Annie who have told me about this book to me, but I don’t have enough time to read it. I just gave it a try on my boring and heart-breaking rest day. Then, I found myself reading half the book. Well, to honest, I love ‘Love Stories’ and sex stories too, but I could not imagine that something like 50 shades is going to be phenomenal and be accessible to all readers.

Just like everyone, I’m quite disappointed with the ending of the first book, or I could say that it’s heart-breaking for me; therefore, I started reading the 2nd series a while ago.

I don’t want to give you a too much spoiler anymore. I would recommend that you read it.


A Week-Long Rain and Flood

We’ve just survived a week-long rain — not typhoon — and flood. Office operations and school classes have been suspended and dismissed, and most of us were stranded in the middle of the streets and rushing waters.

I consider myself lucky because both of my families were safe – Andrei’s family members were safe and sound here in Antipolo and my family in Tondo, although flood went inside our house as per my sister, they were still safe. As for me, our office operation is 24/7 so I attempted to go to the office a couple of times but eventually failed. Flood was along the way at Brookside going to Junction, Cainta, Rizal.



Jeeps and buses have backed out leaving me no choice but to go back home. Luckily, my boss allowed me to work from home, and I ended up doing that for 3 days.

Everything slightly went well on Friday morning when Mr. Sun has finally shown up. Rain fell down in the evening, though, leaving the Ortigas ext. flooded again – it subsided quickly when the rain stopped. I was stranded for four hours of traffic.

Right now, the sun is up and it is asking me to jog around the Ynarez center. But I won’t do that because I have a party to catch later. I just hope it won’t rain that hard again.

And, I hope everyone is safe.


Random Thoughts

I wasn’t able to write the last few days because I’m busy trying to impress my bosses in the new office where I work as a customer service representative agent. Well, to be honest, I got promoted after a month of staying there and, also, I’ve got nominated to become a successor of our team manager. In other words, too many blessing came in within July and in the beginning of August, and I feel the need to make them feel that I’m worth it of these promotions and nominations,, that’s why I really have to focus on my office work.

Anyways, I don’t have an exact thought to write at this very moment. Here are the random thoughts, though, that lingers in my head:

  1. I’m thinking of buying a rubber shoes to get myself into a new sport/exercise like running. Since my time at the office is semi-flexible (meaning, I can choose my desired shift), I can go to work very early so I can go home early as well, and have time for this new hobby.
  2. I have to oppose my Hubb. I’m against to his plan of going abroad without a sure job. I have to explain to him that it’s euthanasia in the making. I know that there’s no harm in trying, but there’s also no harm in thinking.
  3. I just feel super happy with my job right now. I’m still in the probationary period of both my employment and status as Assistant to Products (Manager). I guess moving out of my previous company was a good choice. I just want to thank a couple of people who inspire me to achieve this kind of career growth. Above all, I thank God.
  4. I’m still trying to convince people to support RH Bill. It’s been years now since I started twitting about my support. I hope everyone gets educated about this Bill.
  5. Home service massage was great. I can’t feel my leg anymore.
  6. I’m thinking of going back to Enchanted Kingdom by next month, but this time with my whole family. I want to bring back the old days where we go out of town together. I just wish my salary raise will be enough.
  7. I want to review this Android game I just downloaded.
  8. Lastly, I want to think positively. I just don’t know how.

Well, I guess that’s it.