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My Samsung Galaxy S3

I haven’t seen ICS OS from any Android devices yet, that’s why I’m quite amaze with the features I’ve seen in my new Samsung Galaxy S3.

First, it works very well with my current subscription with Smart Telecommunication. Truly, its speed is faster and very competitive with other existing smart mobile phone, including iPhone 4S and 5. I tested the speed and here are the results:

Next feature I love is its awesome video preview. I believe it takes a large RAM to get this thing working fast; Samsung Galaxy S3 didn’t disappoint me on that. I just don’t like it when it’s showing the “private” videos, so be careful with other people borrowing your phone.

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Choosing ISP: Wi-Tribe — Fail?

After few months of being a subscriber, Wi-Tribe failed to deliver the 4G service they promised us. At the first month everything was okay, until we started to receive weak signal and unreliable connection for the rest of the months. Eventually, we found out that our area was not covered by their signal radius which was not explained to us by the serviceman who was responsible for setting it up and testing the service.

I found out that if you’re out of the radius, you won’t be able to get the speed you subscribed to (for us it’s 1mpbs for 598 Php). Also, the quality of the signal is not that sufficient. You’ll be able to browse and chat at any site but you won’t be able to download, watch videos, or access App/GooglePlay store for your mobile devices.

In fairness to Wi-Tribe though is that they have honest customer service that tells us what we should be getting, and gives us the prompt option to switch to their other services or even to unsubscribe, compare to other networks who would lie that there’s nothing wrong even if it’s obvious that it’s their system’s fault. Another good thing about Wi-tribe is that they don’t have lock-period, which is fair enough for us and pro-consumers.

Right now, I haven’t decided if I’ll let go of Wi-Tribe since I could still use it for blogging, Facebook and checking my e-mail. But I’m craving to switch since I need quality connection to download lots of stuff. If, however, Wi-Tribe would improve their signal here in upper Antipolo, I might stick to their service for longer years.

Right now, I’m eyeing for Smart (or PLDT) – the one I’m using for my Samsung Galaxy S3. Globe is already slashed out of my choices since I’ve had bad experience with their broadband speed and fair usage limit.


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I’ve finally got my very own — Galaxy S3!!!

I’ve got this for “Free” under a corporate plan – one of the benefits from my 2nd promotion as the Manager in our department. Although this is a phone of my choice, I didn’t expect that one day I’ll be having an opportunity to have this. I didn’t even dream about having Samsung Galaxy S3 when it was launched because it’s quite expensive.

Anyways, to give you a little background about my new phone: It has 4.04 Ice Cream Sandwich Android OS (upgradable to 4.1 Jellybean), 11 GB internal memory (upgradable up to 64GB via micro SD) and mini-sim enabled. The 8mp back-camera and 1.9mp front-facing camera added the flavour to it’s amazing super AMOLED screen and corning Gorilla glass 2, which enables me to view the full blast of colours of everything I see in the phone. Sound is good as well — compare to my Galaxy Tab 8.9 – or is it because of the headphones that are very helpful on giving you clearer and more dynamic sound? I also love its “design for human” features like the motion sensor for auto-call when you put the phone on your ear,  check new top updates or emails by tapping the head of the phone, share files by tapping S3 to other mobile phone and detect device by shaking it.

After a few days of having my Galaxy S3 on hand and watching bunch of fearsome drop test, I bought 2 covers for it: 1 white and 1 dark blue. And since it already has corning gorilla glass, I think I don’t need to buy it a screen protector anymore.



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When it comes to performance, I could say that its beermatch is the Smart’s Data plan — fast and reliable here in Antipolo and in Tondo, Manila — but, as you know, I’m still in the process of getting to know my Galaxy S3. I’ll try to share more about it on my next post.


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