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What’s with this Love?

I’m having struggle in love, kiddies!

Nope, we’re not arguing or in the situation where we have to separate. I’m struggling because I’m getting obsess with this relationship and I am thinking of other things when she’s not around.

You know…the usual feeling of people in love. I’m just trying to get over it because according to Men’s Health it’s not healthy for a relationship to be obsessive.

Well, I’m not as obsess as the word obsess. Probably, I’m in the stage where getting anxious – you know, the feeling of always wanting to have a communication with your love, wanting to have a SMS from her. That’s what I feel; even now.

But don’t worry. I’m almost over it. Trust me!

I can now understand the distance we have in our communication, the places we live, and in workstations. I was able to delete our 1,000 SMS to each other without hurting my feelings. I can now wait until she gets to her break time so we can text each other. And, I no longer paranoid myself with the worries of this relationship; I just relax myself and everything.

Right now, I’m reading articles and asking friends with questions on whom to coup up with this anxiety. Good thing, I received lots of support from them.

Just cut this post short, here’s the song I want to dedicate to my Baby. 🙂

Sorry for the so Emol video. 🙂


Why Ejomlexus is not Getting a Commercial Project?

My friends were laughing when they saw this video. I made this when I was at my friend’s condo a week ago.

Watch Watch Watch!

I laughed at myself too after seeing this video. I’m so stupid to spend my time on this kind of stuff. But it’s all right. At least, I did something funny instead of waisting my time doing nothing.

Prolly, next time, just in case I’m doing nothing again,  I’ll sing lip-sync “Unwell” by a Youtube Singer.

But right now, I guess this is enough… see yah, kiddies!

Lotions have Arrived! Yey!

Remember my Blender post? Well, my lotions have already arrived!

First, my hypo-allergenic botanical body lotion and face moisturizer from eBay.

Then, my Victoria’s Secret Pink Botanical Soothing Lotion from Amazon.

And, the L’Oreal  Paris exfoliating body foam and lotion from eBay too.

Amongst these products, I’ll use the first ones for my special lotion creation. I’m just waiting for the bulk of glutathione and the vitamins to complete the ingredients. And, I’m hoping to receive it this coming week so I could start blending the stuff and applying it to my precious skin.

Also, I will let my mom try the products from VS and L’Oreal Paris. Hope to get good results from her. Haha!

Well, we need to wait more, kiddies. See yah!

♥♥♥ LB is in Love!!! ♥♥♥

I went on vacation and left writing for a moment.

My friends was asking me for updates on my blog but all I can say is that…

I’m in love, Kiddies!!!

And that’s the reason why I’m gone!

Lately, I was talking to some on phone…talking about everything under the sun. You know, when you’re in love you’re feel like everything is about you.

But to give you a so cool clue about what I feel today, here’s a song that really tells my story. RAWR!

Listen, listen!

PS LB means Little Baboon. That’s what my best friend call me.

Guilty of Playing this PS Game Before…actually, even now.

Remember this game, Kiddies?

Well, that’s Guilty Gear, one of the reasons why I should repair my obsolete Playstation console.

And, those are my fave characters, Sol and Testament. (I like Testament more, though).

My friend Johnard reminded me of this game.  And he told me that there’s a trailer on YouTube that I need to watch.


Click Click Click


What’s on Sale in Flyff Shop???

Hello Kiddies!

Admit it or not, I know you are lazy to check what’s on sale on the Flyff-PH Shop in-game. And you cannot deny that because, I admit too, I don’t want to exert an effort on clicking the Flyff Shop to check what’s there.

But, of course, I know that there’s some part of your thought that says you want to scratch that level-up card and buy an item for your own good.

So, in your behalf, I checked the Flyff shop to know the items on sale as of January 22.

And here’s on their list:

  • Yukata 2011 (F) – 7,000 coupon
  • Yukata 2011 (M) – 7,000 coupon
  • Yukata New year Box (1 Yukata 2011 (F); 1 Yukata 2011 (M); And, Special Premium Card) – 10,000 Coupon
  • Scroll of Acquisition – 700 coupon
  • Scroll of Awakening Protection – 600 coupon
  • Native American Set (F) – 7,000 coupon
  • Native American Set (M) – 7,000 coupon
  • Aminus Dungeon Bundle (2 Free Van Harlen Anti-Vampire Field kit; 1 Aminus Box (Jewerly) – 10,000 coupon
  • Cursed Aminus Dungeon Bundle (5 Free Van Harlen Anti-Vampire Field kit; 3 Aminus Box (Jewerly) – 20,000 coupon
  • Prophet Wings (3days – 1 pc) – 3,500 coupon
  • Angel Wings (3days – 1pc) – 2,000 coupon
  • Raven Feather Wings (3days – 1pc) – 1,000 coupon
  • Dove Feather Wings (3days – 1pc) – 1,000 coupon
  • Cute Rag Doll – 7,000 coupon
  • Scroll of Smelting (for Elemental Upgrade- 1pc) – 300 coupon
  • Coral Island Ticket (15days – 1pc) 3,400 coupon
  • Azria Treasure Box (1pc) – 2,000 coupon
  • Ampli Treasure Box (1pc) – 800 coupon
  • Special Coral Island Pack (1day – 1pc) – 400 coupon
  • Special Azria pack(1day – 1pc) – 400 coupon
  • Coupon Beach Ticket (1day – 1pc) – 400 coupon
  • Coupon Ticket of Azria (1day – 1pc) – 400 coupon
  • Scroll of Attribute Change (for Elemental Attribute – 1pc) – 1,000 coupon

There you go!

Just an FYI. Prices may change without prior notice. Make sure, kiddies, that you visit the Flyff-PH site constantly for updates.

And for the Card denomination…click here

I hope this could help.  See yah!

For A Change? Eat a Lot!

I’m a bit tired of gaming right now. No, I’m not going to quit, but I just want a long vacation from this in-game stuff. I need to focus on some other things like eating, sleeping and eating…and, of course, eating.

Recently, I had hot forage with hardboiled egg from “frizzpoint” in Makati.

All I can say is that after eating lots of non-economical and unhealthy food from the fast food chain, it’s nice to find myself eating again these Filipino invigorating food.

And what more you can say for a nice chocolate dessert?

Well, it’s dirt cheap. See the price? It didn’t even hit Php50.00 (a dollar). I’ll ask my mom to cook more Filipino food for launch today. Hope she’s in the mood to get that fry pan moving.

See yah, kiddies!