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I need Perpetual Mercy, Diabetes.

Sigh! Starbucks has already launch their Christmas edition cups and promos. And as a tradition, we’re all collecting stickers now for the sake of next year’s planner and helping the coffee farmers around the globe.

All of a sudden, my sweet tooth came back, and it’s giving me the hell freaking toothache and wallet-ache.

(Yeah, that’s my newest term: “Wallet-ache!”)

Well, I just kept on ordering the yummy and my all-time favourite Black Forest cheesecake from my friend Alvin. That’s why I run out of cash fast. (click this link for more info about his store)

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Flyffer’s Improvement

It’s my mistake when I said that I never got an improvement.

Actually, there is.

Remember this screenshot I had from my previous post the “Party, Party at Flyff”?

Well, look at me right now. I’m now hunting the SteamyWalker alone.

I’m not supposed to be at this level. I could be in lower level, but as you see, I’m now playing the part as a hunter. Besides, my character has already the guts to defeat monsters higher than my level – all I need is a good strategy when it comes to healing.

By the way, I have already decided to become a Psy once I get to the right level. Thanks to my friend Leo who enlightened me to take the Psykeeper job once I reach level 60. I told him that my mage is full INT, and just like the the reviews and FAQs had said…Stamina is for Elementor and INT is for Psykeeper, therefore, I would definitely go for the PsykeeperJob. Hopefully, before the end of this week, I’m already taking 2nd job change request. And then next month, just in case the v16 has been implemented, you probably would see me taking the 3rd job quest – that’s my goal. Hehehe.

Anyway, I hope I could get into the game the whole week. Dang! Busy days!

FlyFF: The GM Ghostknife Event (Nov. 24 – Dec 8)

Although my character has leveled-up so fast, the recent x2 exp mode didn’t help me that much to get my character to the level I want to become a Psy. Well, the event ends today and I need to log-in after the maintenance at 1pm so I can continue power-leveling my character. Besides, aside from the last day of x2 exp mode, they have implemented a new event:

The GM Ghostknife +200 atk power to all characters

Self explanatory – it’s an additional 200 damage point against the enemy every time you’ll hit them. Definitely a good news for PH-Flyffers.

All these are happening as a preparation for the coming v16 patch, Rise of the Muran, which is rumored to be implemented before the end of the year.

Well, I hope this would help me on killing those high level monsters

Wherever You Will Go & Realized

Did I mention to you that I have a band?

Yeah, a church band. (You know, like Hillsong, Casting Crown, etc.) Well, we just got out from our shell and tried singing to our friend’s birthday party. Sheena and I did some solos with Josh Rumbawa as our Guitarist.

To make this post short, here goes the video… but before that, don’t laugh at me! I was really tensed on that video; you can see it from my hand movements.


October 2010: Election Day!

The month of October was a hassle month for me, especially during the Election Day.

Everything has started at 6am. I went there at 7am with younger brother to do our job as Poll watchers or the ones who protect everybody’s votes. Also, as I mentioned on my previous post, my Dad was candidate for councilor position in our Barangay – more like a village in English –, therefore, we were there to protect his votes as well.

Check out how many people were there at the public school we were assigned at.

Imagine those people forming their own queue – very unorganized.

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I Know You’re There

Someone asked me. “What’s your favorite song?”

Since we’re talking about our relationship with God, I thought I had nothing to answer. But then, I remember the song that always makes me cry every time I pray.

Actually, I could have easily said that my favorite is “Who am I?” by Casting Crown but the song I am talking about  is really different.

Also, there was a Filipino song called “Awit ng Pagsamba” (The song of worship) but that tells the story of salvation; this one though tells the story of my  relationship with God.

Its title: “I Know You’re There” — by Casting Crowns.

I thought this song was an ordinary one; I didn’t know that it has a great impact in my life.

Here’s the song to make everything short.

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DateCraft Anyone?

Ever been to a dating site?

I know some of you guys have, especially when Lady Gaga endorsed on her Telephone Video, I bet you pay a dating site a visit.

Well, me?

Yeah, I’ve been to some but I ended up dumping my account due to lack of interest. Maybe I simply don’t like to see or hear people selling their selves desperately just to meet someone for love or sex. Actually, I felt like I am doing the same, and never I wanted that feeling of becoming a girl addict that’s why I stopped looking for possible dates but instead I used the site to make friends. Yeah, really!

As you know, most of the topic in a dating site sometimes starts at “How are you know? How’s your pet dog?” or “Hey! What’s the size of your shoes?” And those lines freak my heart out.

As I’ve mentioned, one of my best interests in the world is gaming. And sometimes, I wished to Santa to give me a girlfriend who knows how to play all the games I play here in world wide web or on the consoles. Then, I realized maybe I need to Google “dating and gaming” at the same time to know what I’m looking for.

And there I found…

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