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English Writing

English is important to me. Obviously, I use it as the medium language of Ejomlexus blog. I barely post things in Filipino here because my target audiences are the ones who speak and read and understand the common English, that’s why I keep on studying the rules of writing and everything about English to make this blog easier to dig in.

One of the tools I’m using to improve my writing skills is this book I’ve got from my recent company training. It’s William Strunk Jr. and E.B. White’s The Elements of Style (4th edition). The book contains rich and effective English writing elements that would really enhance your writing, for example: the correct usage of apostrophe “s” and the “;” semicolon; the simplification of the sentences; the relationship of independent and dependent clauses; and many more.

The rules in the book are more understandable and more feasible to follow for those who want to start a writing habit; hence, it’s very enlightening for me. It’s a must read for bloggers, writers and students. In fact, in my job, the elements in this book are the basis of our grammar and composition quality. If you missed a rule, then you go to jail get low scores; therefore, it must be strictly followed.

I’ve already read the book twice and tried to apply elements, but I don’t why I still have the same old writing skills. Perhaps, I need more time to inculcate it in my skull and in my heart in order for me to say that I’ve improved. I’m doing my best, though.

I’m not pretty sure if this is still available in the bookstores here in the Philippines, but you can buy a soft copy of it in Amazon…or just let me know; let see if I can lend you a copy.



My K-Pop Hairstyle

I went to Manila just to get my hair done. I’ve been longing for the Fix Salon in SM San Lazaro simply because I’m not satisfied with the services of the cheap salons in Antipolo. Salons in Antipolo are only after for more income, and not with customer satisfaction. They are always in a hurry when they style my hair, perhaps cutters have quotas or they are just hyper to grab all the customers in the area.

Meanwhile, in Fix Salon, I was happy to see my same old stylist – Arnold, Marvin – plus, they’ve got new staff like Ferdie, who recently did a great job for giving me a makeover. Haircut price is still at Php185.00.

To be honest, I noticed the stress in my face. I needed a haircut not just to attract people in my new office, but also to give myself a fresh look. And since the brush-up hairdo didn’t work for me, they gave me a K-pop hairstyle.

I love the result. Adding a blade cut in my right eyebrow gives me a bad boy look and emphasize to my style and advantage for my everyday wear.

Check-out where he copied this…

Way to similar, right?

Anyways, if you want to try this salon, just drop by at the ground floor of SM San Lazaro – right inside the Super Bench boutique.


The Corner…

There’s a moment in your life
Where you just want to be in the corner.
Sometimes, you are curious about;
Sometimes, you don’t know to why.

Not all the truth are in the center.
They lay right beside the corner
Because people are meant to look for it,
People have to crave and die for it.

In the corner, there’s always a space,
Since all people want to be at the center.
Corners are sad and filled with fears,
And most of time, leads you to sophocate.

Corners are for two kinds of people:
For people who want to be alone, and
For people who want everybody’s attention.
Either of those, they make corners look bad.

Corner is where to subjects meet.
Example: two walls, two streets and two people.
It’s not a trap nor it’s the end, but
It’s gives us route or connection to something.

If you’ve been caught in the corner,
Turn around because the other side is widely open.
It tells us never surrender.
It tells us to wonder.

For me, that’s a corner.

Nasanay Na Ako…

Hindi ko matago ang nararamdaman ko.
Tila ba ako’y hindi na naniniwala sa mga pangako mo.
Noon ay mahal kita, pero bigla na lang nawala.
Naghahanap ng lugar ang puso kung saan sasaya.

Sinanay mo akong naghihintay;
Nasanay akong luha’y walang humpay;
Nasanay akong hindi ka nakikita,
At hindi na madama.

Sinanay mo akong nasaksaktan,
Kapag may kasama kang iba.
Ngayon ako’y manhid na
Saan pa ako pupunta?

Hindi ko ninanais maamo mong mukha
Mapait na halik ay hindi na sinisinta
Tigas ng ulo mo ay natanggap ko na
Kahit kausap mo s’ya sa akin ay baliwala.

Sinanay mo akong lumuluha,
Nasanay na ako na walang kasama,
Nasanay mo akong magwalang bahala
At di ka hanapin pa.

Sinanay mo akong nasaksaktan,
Kapag may kasama kang iba.
Masakit man tanggapin…sanay na akong mag-isa.

Hindi na ako muling aasa pa sa’yo;
Lahat ng kahapon ko ay iiwan ko.
Lumuha man ako dahil wala ka na,
Hindi ko matitiis maging bulagbulagan na.

Binago mo ang mundo ko,
Di ibig sabihin sa’yo na ito hihinto.
Sinanay mo ako na wala ka.
Ngayon, Nasanay na ako.


I feel like writing this poem in Filipino…Sorry to my English-fellas.

I’m Bored…So Here’s Some of My Drawings!

Drawing was my favorite past time when the internet and computer hasn’t reached my home, that’s why I feel like I kid every time I bring back this talent to my routine.

My Grandfather is an artist, that’s why it is in our genes to draw or paint or do some lettering. I remember during Elementary and High School days, when we have art projects, we no longer asked for help from anyone. We do it all ourselves.

Anyways, I made these collections recently, and I bet you’ve seen some of these on my previous posts. But to give a full preview of my sketchpad, feel free to browse this post (and don’t forget to leave your comments).

(Click the images for larger view)

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Food That I Missed So Much :)

All I could think about in my rest day was to eat. And the food I just dug in were the things I missed so much.

This one was a slice of Sansrival cake from Goldilocks – I usually order this on my birthday, but since October is way too far, I gave myself an early treat.

Next is Gummyworms. I’m a big fan of gummy candies. I love it’s fruity, sour taste. It gives me *kilig* every time I eat it. Sugar helps me my brain function, by the way.

In the red corner, well, it’s McDonald’s Big ‘N Tasty. I’ve tasted it once and I ordered it again. It is not actually that really big and tasty, but it’s enough to occupy the spaces in my tummy.

On the other hand, Chicken Balls – I rarely see Manong Fishball alongside the streets of Antipolo. I don’t know if people are afraid of Hepatitis or they are just invisible when I’m around. That’s why I bought a couple of packs of these fingerlings.

Finally, Pik-Nik: Shoestrings and Nescafe Sweet and Creamy. You know that I love coffee, while Pik-Nik was my old childhood sweetheart amount all the snacks in the market. I’ve been with this couple since I was a kid.

I just crave for them all of a sudden, but now, *whoalah* crave satisfied.


Relationship Flaws and How to Manage them?

I’m not in an expert shoe to give advices about relationship flaws, but I think my past and present relationship experiences – plus over-watching of Personalan and Face-to-Face episodes – make me eligible to discuss this topic.

For those aiming a long-term (or forevermore) relationship, relationship flaws may seem to be a forging experience for a couple. However, for those who are considering an ending to their current relationship, I believe these things are enumerated in a piece of paper of why they have to leave their partners. As general, people look at these instances as tough times. It causes tears, times and, sometimes, even lives. For my opinion, relationship flaws are something to look forward to when you’re getting into a relationship. It’s like the inevitable things that you need to expect all days of your life. It’s not because you have to think negatively, but it some sort of anticipation of what to happen or how you could prepare myself.  Hence, expect the unexpected.

To be honest, I’m one of those who look forward to “forevermore”. (Who never does anyway?) Although I could say that I’m very happy with my relationship these days, but there’s a part of me that I have to prepare with this flaws in order for me to stay aiming to my long-term plan.

What to expect? For me these two are the common things:


In my own relationship dictionary, jealousy has two definitions:  (1) it defines how much you don’t want to lose a person, and (2) it could also be defined as how much you trust your partner. People always get wrong understanding when it comes to this situation. They thought people could get rid of it easily but aren’t really. That’s why I always remember and I advise my friends that never listen to people who said that they’ve overcome this feeling. They are lying and they could only add burden in your situation. No one actually can get rid of this. The right people to talk to when it comes to asking for advise are the ones who say “I’ve learned to manage it”. How to manage it, though?

One of the things that triggers jealousy is the lost of importance. When it fades, there goes the comparison. When there’s comparison, there’s quarrel.

If you don’t want to hear your partner comparing because of jealousy, don’t make a reason to get your partner think of something suspicious. I would suggest that you always evaluate your actions, and try asking yourself “Am I doing all things fairly?” or “Am I still the same as before?” or as simply as “What have I done?”

For instance, if your intention is to be sweet to the people around you, be sweeter to the person whom you want to be with for the rest of your life. Don’t take you relationship for granted. It’s not always that you’re always together or talk to each other you have to forget the rest of story. Always make it to the point or try to get use to an attitude where you provide the needs of partner. Make sure you that whatever good thing you do to other people, you make it more special to your partner. Besides, that’s what relationship is all about: making your “only one” feels special.


Communication is really important to a relationship. We all know that. What I meant about dead communication is that when partners cut off their communication strings when they are already living together or (for long and not-too-long distance relationship) simply they are virtually offline.

In a relationship, always take the chances of communicating with your partner. It’s a common mistake that partners think they don’t have to talk about their lives anymore when they are together because it would trigger the “Getting Sick of it” factor, that’s not a valid reason.

Every time you feel something wrong, ask yourself again. What will you lose if you just send your partner a message and say “Hey, it’s my lunch break. If you’re hungry you go eat as well. <3” or “I just arrived at office” or “Hi! I’m just cleaning the house!” Truthfully, saying these build foundation in your communication, not only that, it builds trust as well. Actually, even the simplest messages like “Good morning, (name)” and “See you later, Honey” melts a lot of communication gap and even a building anger. For long distance relationship, try sending messages even you’re partner is offline. It makes people smile when they find your name blinking in their messenger or e-mail.

If you think your partner would not appreciate every message, text and calls you make, I would suggest that you think again. Sometimes, it’s not because your ‘only one’ ignores your messages, you don’t make him/her feel special. In fact, every time you call or text or message your partner, at the back of their mind, you make them feel comfortable and special, and later on you make him/her realize that your sweetness has never changed – and that’s part of building trust as well.

Also, never forget to talk about things in nice way, especially if you’re dealing with a problem. Tough situation are not to be settled with tough conversation. Learn how to calm yourself even if the other line is burning with words. The more you’re relaxed the more you understood the situation and come up with better solution.

Above all, get rid of negative things and always look at the brighter side of your situations.

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