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My Wishes: Uno


I wish to know you more right now.
I wish to know the things that would make you smile,
laugh, cry, sad, inspired, rush, blush, loud and shy.
I wish to know everything about you —
Maybe a bit of your past and a lot of your dream abot your future.
I wish to know you more.

If you were to ask me, my dream is big yet very simple.
I wish someday you’d call me yours and I’d call you mind.
Although we don’t really own each other,
But I’m after with the feeling that we belong to one another.
I wish to hear our endearments.
Maybe I’d call you babe, baby, honey or whatever it is,
And you’d can call me whatever you want — maybe the same, weird or I don’t know.

Maybe, someday, when you’re mad at me,
I wish to fear your evil stare and devilish grin when I sis something wrong.
Or maybe someday, we’d cry together…
Not because of pain…but of happiness;
And we’d spend a lot of time cuddling in our bed,
whispering I love you’s, and stop me from going to work just for a day.

I’m wishing for a time when we’ll sing song while looking at each other’s eyes,
And then, drink beers until we get drunk, and until you can no longer move, so I would need to carry you.
I wish for that time would come, I wish these wishes would come true.

But I won’t stop there. I still have lots of dreams about you.
I wish if you’d allow me, well, I want to marry you when both of us (but especialy you) are ready.
We’d buy home, say ‘Hello’ to our parents and sibs, say ‘Hi!’ to each other’s circles, and finally invite them to witness us.
I know this sounds jumping to craziness, but all I need you to remember is that this is what I saw last night in my dream.

Maybe I thought of you too much, maybe my heart wants so much, maybe I love you this much (or more than these).
I don’t know, I just felt the need that I need to tell you this.
At the end of this feelings, besides, it’s all up to me and you.

Ano nga ba ang dahilan kung bakit hindi maaaring maging tayo?

Ano nga ba ang dahilan kung bakit hindi maaaring maging tayo?

Ano nga ba ang dahilan kung bakit hindi maaaring maging tayo?

Matagal na tayong magkakilala,
Matagal na tayong magkasama,
Matagal na nating kabisado ang isa’t isa,
At matagal na nating alam ang kilig ng ating tadhana.

Ano nga ba ang dahilan kung bakit hindi maaaring maging tayo?

Minsan na nating pinangiti ang ating mga labi,
Minsan na rin nating pinagsaluhan ang malamig na gabi,
Minsan na rin nating sinubok ang tibok ng ating mga dibdib,
At minsan na rin nating pagtabi-tabi ang ating mga daliri.

Ano nga ba ang dahilan kung bakit hindi maaaring maging tayo?

Marami na ang nagsabi na bagay tayo,
Marami na rin ang nagulat na hindi pa pala tayo,
Marami na rin ang nagtatanong kung ilang taon na tayo,
At marami na rin ang hindi naniniwala na friends lang ang turing ko sa’yo.

Ano nga ba ang dahilan kung bakit hindi maaaring maging tayo?

Nasabi mo na ba sa akin ang dahilan?
Wala na ba ang siklab ng mga una nating naramdman.
Tunay pa rin ba ang iyong pagmamahal…
Alam mo? Bakit ba hindi natin ito subukan?

Tula ng mga Single

Tula ng mga Single

Bakit nga ba ako nag-iisa?
Bakit nga ba sa dami-dami ng pagpipilian ko,
Wala sa kanila ang gustong magpatibok ng puso ko?

Bakit ang mga batang nakangiwi sa larawan
Mayroong Boyfriend/Girlfriend na kinakapitan?
Tawag pa nga sa kanila #RelationshipGoal!

Bakit ako? Hindi naman ako siguro pangit,
Ngunit kahit ano’ng gawing papogi ko
Wala man lang kahit isang nagkakagusto sa akin.

Kailangan ko rin bang ngumiwi sa larawan,
Para lamang magkaroon ng syota?
Ano nga bang mayroon sila? Bakit sila masaya at ako hindi?

Alam ko abala ako sa aking trabaho.
Hindi ba karagdagang ‘pogi points’ ‘yun
Dahil masipag ang future boyfriend mo?

Ang alam ko din akong nakaraan ng panloloko
Hindi pa ba sapat ‘yun para sa’yo
Ikaw, ikaw na hinihintay ng puso ko.

Sa madaling salita, bakit nga ba ako single?
Ano’ng tadhana ang hindi maipinta
Kung bakit hindi ka mapasaakin?

Ayaw mo ba sa isang makata?
Marunong din naman akong mag-ingles.
Kaya kong magsalita gamit ang laman ng puso ko.

Seryoso naman ako sa mga sinasabi ko.
Walang biro, walang anumang palabok.
Totoo lahat ang buong pagkatao ko.

Kaya nga laging pumapasok sa isip ko,
Bakit nga ba ako single?
Siguro hindi ko na ito masasagot kapag dumating ka na sa buhay ko.

The Reason I Didn’t Love You

The Reason I Didn't Love You

You crashed me down
I could not get up.
I thought you were the answer
But I thought wrong.

I used to smile with you,
I held your hands too.
But I found out
That you kissed him…

I remembered all the pain
I remembered it all —
The lies, the sore
The tear — I couldn’t pray.

I remembered all,
Because of that kiss.
Now, I am leaving you with this —
The Reason I Didn’t Love you.

Gabi ng mga Tala at Tula

5th of May 2015, I was invited by a friend to join the “Gabi ng mga Tala at Tula” (Night of the Stars and Poems), an event to celebrate the Month of Filipino Literature and to acknowledge masterpieces of the chosen poets who participated in the PJB Poem Calls.


PJB Poem Calls project was to put the chosen masterpieces in the background tune (or ring back tune) of their office trunkline. The goal is to make people involve in poetry — either inspire them to write their own or at least read/listen to Filipino poems.




It was an awesome night because I was able to share one of my latest songs “Revenge”, which is not uploaded yet in this blog or any platform (but I will do it soon in Acapella version), and also I get to learn from different writing style of these amazing poets. Although I admit I messed up a little bit because of stage fright (I guess) but I won’t forget the awesomeness of this night. I got inspired more to take the free course of the “Lirahan” workshop that will happen or start this June onward.

Yeah, I feel the poetry is alive in the Philippines!

My Road

My Road

Title: My Road
By: Francis Moje

It’s a tough lane where I’m going through.
The street is crowded with fires and thorns,
Spiked icicles and a lot of people.
I can’t remember who brought me here.
It seems I need a space from all that’s going on.

Silver platter covers the blazing sun.
Sparkles are everywhere, blinding every eye.
I close my eyes to dodge the curse,
But it keep on injuring the rest of my body.
No cares but myself and my being of realization.

I turn on the music but it hurts my ears.
It doesn’t have lyrics and the melody is not complete.
I throw myself to the paper
And started writing whatever I can.
But it all went wrong because the ink is running empty.

The chills are behind like a weight.
It is heavy and dragging my feet to no where.
The only way to take the gravity away
Is to stop, mute all the noises, remember…
…Remember my childhood days, when I didn’t really care about all these.

I need to step aside from the shadow
And live as the light turns my skin dark.
The only thing that will make me this time
Is my courage to give me more value and quality time,
Not just for myself but every people who need me.

I need not to be blinded by what I fear
Because things might be stopping for their agenda.
I won’t live in their hurry.
I will take all my time to pass through this road,
And accept every challenge with a fight that’s for me.

He’s The Man I Will Always Envy

He's Always Be The Man I Will Always Envy.  /Taken at Puerto Galera, Philippines

Title: He’s The Man I Will Always Envy
By: Francis Moje

Maybe I said I have moved on
But there’s still a pain inside me.
Maybe I said I’ll be okay
But the truth is slowly killing me.

Maybe I’ll just continue to forget
But he’s the man I will always envy.
Maybe I’ll get over this soon
But he’s the man I will always envy.

Maybe in your arms I feel like I belong
But you, you feel the same way for him.
Maybe someday, I know, I will be happy
But he’s the man I will always envy.


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