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My Road

My Road

Title: My Road
By: Francis Moje

It’s a tough lane where I’m going through.
The street is crowded with fires and thorns,
Spiked icicles and a lot of people.
I can’t remember who brought me here.
It seems I need a space from all that’s going on.

Silver platter covers the blazing sun.
Sparkles are everywhere, blinding every eye.
I close my eyes to dodge the curse,
But it keep on injuring the rest of my body.
No cares but myself and my being of realization.

I turn on the music but it hurts my ears.
It doesn’t have lyrics and the melody is not complete.
I throw myself to the paper
And started writing whatever I can.
But it all went wrong because the ink is running empty.

The chills are behind like a weight.
It is heavy and dragging my feet to no where.
The only way to take the gravity away
Is to stop, mute all the noises, remember…
…Remember my childhood days, when I didn’t really care about all these.

I need to step aside from the shadow
And live as the light turns my skin dark.
The only thing that will make me this time
Is my courage to give me more value and quality time,
Not just for myself but every people who need me.

I need not to be blinded by what I fear
Because things might be stopping for their agenda.
I won’t live in their hurry.
I will take all my time to pass through this road,
And accept every challenge with a fight that’s for me.

He’s The Man I Will Always Envy

He's Always Be The Man I Will Always Envy.  /Taken at Puerto Galera, Philippines

Title: He’s The Man I Will Always Envy
By: Francis Moje

Maybe I said I have moved on
But there’s still a pain inside me.
Maybe I said I’ll be okay
But the truth is slowly killing me.

Maybe I’ll just continue to forget
But he’s the man I will always envy.
Maybe I’ll get over this soon
But he’s the man I will always envy.

Maybe in your arms I feel like I belong
But you, you feel the same way for him.
Maybe someday, I know, I will be happy
But he’s the man I will always envy.



Title: Painting
By: Francis Moje

I don’t know you.
We just had a talk after this night.
Could you stay a little while?
It’s never the same to wake up like this in the morning.

I never felt this before.
I feel like a canvas filled with paint.
Your wild kiss and embrace
Gave me a colorful reason why I need you to stay.

Every brush of your hair in my skin,
It stays until now putting details in the picture.
You knew how to fill the gap
Of this design, I think or maybe, we could call love.

If you’d leave it’s fine.
I will thank you for this light.
I know it sounds weird coming from me,
But you’d see it true from the blush on my cheeks.

If you’d stay with me, though,
I’d make you some coffee or tea.
Maybe you could say something about me.
And might as well I could fill the gaps in your painting.

Good Kisser

Good Kisser

Title: Good Kisser
by: Francis Moje

I was in a room all alone,
I wonder why you weren’t calling.
By my side, you were gone,
I wonder why all of a sudden you were missing.

I found out you were with your friends,
And you tried to kiss someone else.
They said, you were trying to prove
Something that belongs to me.

What were you trying to do?
What do you want to be?
I thought you already knew
What hurts and what destroys me.

What were you trying to prove?
That I loved you because of the way you kiss?
Who are you trying to please, Mr. Good Kisser?

I was 30 minutes in the car
Driving all the way to the bar.
They said you were already gone,
With that girl you were hanging with all along.

I found out from your friends,
That you were now good terms with her.
I guess they drunk to know
You were supposed to be with me.

What were you trying to do?
What do you want to be?
I thought you already knew
What hurts and what destroys me.

What were you trying to prove?
That I loved you because of the way you kiss?
Who are you trying to please, Mr. Good Kisser?

Then I finally found your way.
You didn’t know I was there.
But I took a good shot of you,
I guess it was true…

You were a good kisser.

Without Makeup

Without Makeup

Title: Without Makeup
By: Francis Moje (via request of a fabulous girl friend)

I went out of the house, no one seemed to recognize the woman in me.
I borrowed an identity, trying not to be me and no one said “Hi!” to me.
I tried laughing outside my life, but deep within I wanna suicide.
No Makeup by the way is the suicide that I am talking about.

No tint, no lipstick, no covering of the blemishes of my skin.
No blow dried hair, no sleek foundation on my silly face.
Maybe if beautiful is defined within, maybe we’re all kings and queens.
Maybe it’s about time for me to show up and define myself now
Without Makeup.

The world, most of the time, we thinks about the opposite side.
They think inner beauty is the best, but are disgust with people who don’t have tag on their dress.
Same thing goes with my makeup — I’m the best when my lips are red.
But today, I will walk outside with sans on my skin.

It’s no bronzer, no blush, no eye shadow today for me.
No curls, no fake eyelashes and glittery paints.
Maybe if beautiful is defined within, maybe we’re all kings and queens.
Maybe it’s about time for me to show up and define myself now
Without Makeup.

Isang Pagkakataon

Isang Pagkakataon

Title: Isang Pagkakataon
By: Francis Moje
Language: Filipino

Noong ako’y nasa kalagitnaan ng trapiko, sa kahabaan ng daan,
Doon ko nakita ang ningning ng iyong mga mata.
Ikaw ay nasa loob ng iyong sasakyan, hawak mo ang iyong manibela.
Habang ako ay nasa isang bus binibilang ang mga pinapangarap kong kotseng gawa ng mga banyaga.

Tumingin ka ng panandalian sa iyong bintana
At nahuli mo akong sa iyo’y nakatitig ng may kalaliman.
Ika’y napangiti at napatawa sa aking pagkagulat at pagkataranta.
Simula noon, ‘di ka na naalis sa araw-araw na pag-iisip ko at pangangarap ko habang ako’y nasa daan.

Dumaan ang mga araw, linggo at buwan, hindi na muli na kitang nasilayan.
Naiisip ko tuloy baka ikaw ay isang panaginip lang
O baka naman nagagawi ka na sa ibang ruta sa probinsya o dito kamaynilaan.
Nasabi ko tuloy sa aking sarili sa aking pagmumuni-muni, “Sana ikaw ay aking sinuklian ng kaway man lang.”

Nagdaan ang ilan pang mga araw, sa parehong daan at sitwasyon ng trapiko,
Hindi na pangrap na kotse ang binibilang ng aking kaisipan.
Bagkus, ang bilang ng iyong malamig na ngiti at tawang hindi ko narinig ang ginagawang libangan,
Sa tuwing binabagtas ko ang eksatong lugar kung saan ikaw ay aking namatahan.

Tumatak ka nga, tumatak ka nga sa bawat kanto ng puso’t isipan ko.
Halos ilang tadhana ang aking hinihiling at pinagdarasal,
Ngunit walang “ikaw” na muling dumaan sa mundong ating ginagalawan.
Tila naging suntok sa buwan ang isang pagkakataon na isinasamo ko sa ating mabuting may kapal.

Ngayon, mariin kong natutunan na ang dapat kong maintindihan
Na hindi biro ang aking pagsubok na tinahak.
Mahirap pa lang pangarapin at mahalin ang isang babaeng katulad mo
Na sa isang pagkakataon ko lang pala matatagpuan, masisilayan. Ang sabi ko nga, “Hindi ko man lang nakuha ang iyong pangalan.”


Title: Distract
By: Francis Moje

I’ve got a teary eye when I think of you.
I thought I was happy, but all of the time I was feeling blue.
All these time I knew it’s gonna happen.
When things started to go strong, I knew you were leavin’.

I wanna distract myself from thinking of you.
It’s hard to convince that all my dreams are through.
But when you’re coming back, my smile is going up to the moon.
But when you leave again, sea level starts to drown me dead.

Now, it’s hard to wake up when all I dream is you
It’s hard to breathe when you’re the fire and smoke around me.
I don’t want to move, when you’re embracing me.
I wanna paint a picture of you and post it in my memory.

I wanna distract myself from loving you.
It’s been a while since you pierced me, hanging.
But when you call, my heart rings — I don’t wanna drop the call.
But when you say good bye, I wanna cry….


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