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Google’s Special Treatment For The Third-Gender???

Have you guys tried searching the word “gay,” “lesbian,” “transgendered,” and “bisexual” in Google?

No! I ain’t teaching to check on the porn sites or I ain’t being Lady Gaga here. I’m just wondering if you noticed something different on searching those keywords.

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Satisfied Or Not Satisfied?

I don’t quite remember how in the hell did I get myself into this world of internet marketing when all I know is that I enjoy my life as a Team Leader of that food supplement account when they took me out of my seat saying “Hey! We’re gonna get you for the next level of your career!” Then a few minutes later, whoalah! I bec

Right now I click and check on different websites everyday to see if we can use it on creating ads, trying to earn money from it.

Well, probably I say this because it’s just I’m not ready to take my career to another level. But that’s life! You sometimes don’t know if any of your dreams are already coming right in your front door, surprising you with a boom, and catching you unprepared.  But then, just like before, I will try to get used to it even though I feel somehow not ready to take this leap.

Anyways, I ain’t here to discuss my career plans with you (not yet).

I posted this blog, because I feel this picture kind of disturbing for me.


I found this when I was checking a series of websites in the net for my job.

Well, it’s not the product or its price that is disturbing. But, no offense, I think it’s grandpa who made this picture a bit part those of the funny TV commercials, except he’s just a life-size picture.

If I were to ask you, would you still buy this product? 😛

Dreams: The Fire Tornado Interpretation (part 2 of 2)

Interpreting dreams in your own way sucks! Definitely!

Actually, my head hurts already. I just realized that I don’t have a psychic ability to answer all these stuffs.

I wish I was Alice [of twilight], so I’d know what the future tells; or Joseph ‘The Dreamer’ so I could interpret all of this accurately.

What happened is that, I read…read…read…and read, and learned a lot of things from stories about “The Fire Tornado!”

First, I’ve been to the Wikipedia. I learned that fire tornado is something like a very rare phenomenon.  I learned that it occurs only when there are changes in the wind pattern plus the fire temperature…blah…blah…blah… (Science could only explain. RAWR!)

Then, I’ve been to some science and weather websites that talk about fire tornado too.

Then, I’ve been to fortune telling websites…which is a bit crappy and contradicting.

Then, I remembered Moses’ story in the bible when God creates a fire pillar to block the pharaoh’s army during their escape from Egypt. The pillar of fire by night remained with them until they reached the Promised Land.

And another one is this…a real fire tornado.

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Dreams: The Fire Tornado Interpretation (part 1)

It didn’t take me several minutes to look for a good website that will interpret my dream.

After posting my blog “Dreams: The Fire Tornado”, I went to Google search and found

I don’t believe such websites, but I wanna give it a try. So here it goes… the interpretation.

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Dreams: The Fire Tornado

I was crying when I woke up. Then I checked our wall clock, and it was just 4:24 AM. I just rushed to kitchen to get some water.

Actually, I dreamed about a fire tornado.

The setting of my dream was in the Manila, right in front of my Grandparent’s house. I just was standing at front of the house and was watching everything happened.

The fire tornado was as tall as the usual tornado (Like the one on the picture courtesy of However, it was very thick, and I think it can cover a farm.

fire tornado

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